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Your Car Needs A New Paint Job

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Your Car Needs A New Paint Job

Chuck Smith
May 2, 2006

A vehicle may look new as long as you do take good care of it. However, there are still some outside forces and sources that could lead to having a vehicle that looks not only old but also not taken cared of well. Some of these sources and forces include acid rain, ultraviolet rays, the sun’s harsh glare, falling leaves, bird droppings, water from sprinklers, among many others. These things may not work that quickly on your vehicle. But as the years go by, time surely takes it toll and the effects start to become prominent on your car’s paint.

Your trusted machine would surely need a new paint job unless you would like to drive around in a vehicle that looks as if it could fall off on its wheels anytime soon. A new paint job would cost your pocket around $200 to a whopping $4000. However, it sure would be a necessary act to do. After all, a good paint job actually gives your vehicle added protection against enemies like rust and corrosion.

To get the best kind of service for your vehicle without having to be that hard on your budget and on your pocket, you have to do some legwork first. Go to auto body shops that offer car painting. Ask around for their estimates. List them down and when you get home, compare the estimates and the services offered. Once you get to choose the one which you think would do your car the best kind of paint service, contact the shop and inquire if their auto body technicians are certified by the paint company. Also ask for warranties on the paint and workmanship.

Choose a color for your vehicle. Also, you would have to make decisions on whether you would like your vehicle to receive a single stage finish or if you would like it to receive something more extravagant like a multiple layer finish. Remember though that a vehicle painted with more layers result in a vehicle that has a deeper shine, and a more durable paint job. On the other hand, it also means you have to pay a larger bill.

After the job is done, ask the auto body shop personnel how you should care for your car’s new paint job. Also ask about things that you should avoid and things that you should keep in mind when cleaning your vehicle. You see, there are some paint jobs that need weeks to mature and cure.

Body parts like bumpers and fenders could also be painted with a new color. Or you could also opt to purchase new ones from Ford Parts Online. It has in stock highly dependable and proven Ford Pinto parts as well as other Ford parts to meet all your standards and preferences.

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