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Pot deal before July 1 crash?

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McHenry County, Illinois

Pot deal before July 1 crash?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
August 20, 2012

Since I'm traveling this week, I could not be at Daniel Huber's court date with Judge Sharon Prather this morning. According to the Northwest Herald, Huber's bail was reduced from $100,000 to $45,000. This means that, if Huber can post 10% ($4,500), he can leave Hotel Nygren. Rumor has it that Huber's passenger was a female, and no doubt that the McHenry County Sheriff's Department (MCSD) and the State's Attorney's Office are zeroing in on her identity, if they don't already know it. Today's Northwest Herald article mentions the first report that a marijuana deal was to take place between Huber and two boys, who died on July 1 at about 2:00AM on Davis Road, outside Woodstock. The boys were Alec Kaiser, 16, and Jacob Norys, 16.

The urine of both boys tested positive for marijuana, although blood tests reportedly showed no marijuana. It's interesting that the Northwest Herald reporter is able to learn information that ought to be kept confidential by the State's Attorney's Office and the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. Normally, details of a case under investigation are not released to the press.

It's also interesting that the Northwest Herald is now reporting that Huber stopped, turned around and went in the other direction. Does this mean he passed by the crash and failed to stop to try to help boys known to him? Was he in front of them or behind them? If behind them, how far behind was he?

Anyone knowing the identity of Huber's passenger is encouraged to contact MCSD. Kaiser had about $300 cash in his possession, and that money may have been his earnings from work on the farm. Did he spend some of it on a marijuana purchase from Huber?

Investigators should be able to trace his cash from the time he cashed his paycheck or received his wages in cash. Online records with Huber's next court will be updated this evening and that date will be available tomorrow at www.mchenrycircuitclerk.org As of this time, Huber is still in custody.

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