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Dream Cars: Mazda BX-7

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Topics:  Mazda B-Series
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Dream Cars: Mazda BX-7

Bill Crittenden
April 9, 2013

I love the idea of drifting. Really, cars have become stupid fast these days, and if you're looking to collect bragging rights amongst friends drifting shows off power, skill, and ingenuity in a way that leaves much more room for creativity. Anything that can go sideways works, and it looks awesome.

This is at the heart of another one of my custom "Dream Cars." This one I'd like to call the Mazda BX-8.

If you're a diehard Mazda fan, you probably already know where this is going by that name.

When Mazda and Ford were connected, Mazda sold Ford Rangers under the B-Series name, B2300 for the 2.3L, B4000 for the 4.0L. Basically everything but the grille and taillights were stock Ford.

The best way to go over the top ballsy with a Ranger is to drop a 5.0L V8 into it, as the engine was fit into the Ranger-based SUVs of the 90's.

A little too easy and obvious.

I would love to fit a Renesis rotary engine from an RX-7 into a Mazda B-Series, hence the name BX-7. Stepside Ford bed, lowered, painted in a stock Mazda color, Mazda logo grille, Mazda-style tail lights, and all sorts of JDM-look touches like parts & decals from APEXi and HKS and other Japanese companies.

There's just one problem. It's going to get its ass kicked by any random hillbilly with a built up 5.0L in his Ranger. As the show would ask, am I faster than a redneck? I already know the answer to that is "Hell, no." So what to do to make the really cool looking custom rotary truck with Japanese parts the best at something?

Build it to be a drift truck, of course.

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