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Truck Sale - OK with City?

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Truck Sale - OK with City?

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
April 24, 2008

Bull Valley Ford Truck Sale Van

Have you noticed all the trucks for sale in the Farm & Fleet parking lot? Has Farm & Fleet gone into the truck sales business?

From the looks of the sign on the service van that used to be parked on the grass at Bull Valley Ford, there is a massive Ford truck sales event planned for today, tomorrow and Saturday.

When I spotted the van earlier this week, before the parking lot was full of trucks, my first thought was about whether the advertising sign was legal. Signs in Woodstock are regulated and require a permit. Was a permit issued? I didn't receive a reply to my inquiry.

"If you sign it, the trucks will come." And come they did! Where did all those trucks come from? It looks like the parking lot at Bull Valley Ford is still full, so where were all these trucks before they showed up in the Farm & Fleet parking lot?

Did BV Ford and Farm & Fleet jump through all the City hoops for this event, or did they just decide on their own that the parking lot would be a great place for a vehicle sales event? Do all these trucks belong to BV Ford? Were they brought in just for this sales event? Are other dealers contributing vehicles, and is BV Ford just managing the sales?

And where will all the unsold trucks go on Saturday night?

Where will the white service van with the signs go? Back to the grassy area just south of the paved parking lot at BV Ford?

On the one hand, the City will benefit from the sales tax on all vehicles sold. And the City is going to need all the money it can scrape up, once property value decreases begin to affect the level of property taxes. What portion, if any, does the City get from the sales (or Use Tax) tax on motor vehicles?

Well, Woodstockers. Spend your money at home. If you need a truck, head on over to Bull Valley Ford or Reichert Chevrolet or Benoy Motors.

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