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Viking Dodge vs. Wayne Beto

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Viking Dodge vs. Wayne Beto

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
August 31, 2008

Yesterday I stopped again to visit with Wayne Beto in "his" parking place on U.S. 14 at IL 176, across the intersection from Viking Dodge in Crystal Lake.

Wayne's next date in court is February 2. How appropriate, right? Groundhog Day. For Wayne, this whole (melo)drama must seem like the movie, Groundhog Day. In a court case that was filed on November 3, 2006 (coming up on two years pretty soon) against him, there have been about 11 continuances. So, every court date it's the same ol', same ol', and back they come another day.

When someone files a half-million dollar lawsuit against someone else, wouldn't you think they'd be pretty anxious to get it in front of the judge and hire Brink's to help them carry the money out of the courtroom?

Having read the Complaint, my guess is about the only thing they'll carry out of the courtroom is a wastebasket full of wet Kleenex from all the tears they'll shed when the judge tells them they don't have a case. I'm not going to dissect Viking Dodge's Complaint and the charges against Wayne. Viking Dodge is suing Wayne for $500,000. Let's see if the fun begins in Circuit Court on February 2. It may be the jury trial of the century.

There are new comments posted to most, if not all, the Viking Dodge articles (below) by "Den". Thanks, Den. He took the time to post his comment to each Viking Dodge article. I guess he is hoping that anyone reading just one of the articles will learn of his experience. He also identifies a different internet complaints website, where there are postings of customers who had dealings with Viking Dodge.

While I was standing on the shoulder of Highway 14 with Wayne yesterday, a man in a red sedan yelled at Wayne and expressed his comments about prior dealings with Viking Dodge. I won't repeat them here, because I don't know his name and couldn't read his license plate number, as he waited to turn left and go west on IL 176.

If you have had dealings with Viking Dodge (good or otherwise), or if you know someone who has, how about posting your comments? Be truthful.

And if you need any help contacting Wayne to support his case, just stop and talk to him; or contact me and I'll be happy to pass along your message.

Wayne was on vacation recently and said the price of gas in Nebraska was $3.25. How come we are getting ripped off so badly here in McHenry County? I was in Springfield a week ago and paid $3.68, and that was before the price dropped here. If you want to know just how badly we are getting ripped off on the price of gasoline here, go to www.gasbuddy.com

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