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DLs for illegal aliens - should be illegal

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DLs for illegal aliens - should be illegal

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
January 28, 2013

Northwest Herald, Page 1. "Ill. 4th state to grant illegal immigrants access to licenses"

Isn't it great what legislators can do with laws? Where is it that they are missing the word "illegal"?

First of all, the people who have come to the United States illegally aren't "immigrants". That word should be reserved for those who entered the USA legally. What are they? Illegal aliens.

Should Illinois residents be proud of coming in Number 4, right after New Mexico, Washington and Utah? Not hardly.

"They" don't want fingerprints used in the application or issuance procedures. Well, duhhh.... Might be able to trace them; right? And the facial recognition deal? What a joke.

How many newly-licensed drivers will buy auto insurance and pay one month's premium, then let the policy lapse? Therefore, no insurance! But they will still have the insurance card in the car. Will cops ask if the insurance is still in force? Probably not.

Does anybody know the Bill number that became law, so we can look and see who voted for this piece of nonsense?

I had a good laugh when I read that the special driver's license would not be good for identification. I remembered applying for a driver's license when I moved to Illinois the first time in the mid-1960s. At the DMV the clerk demanded a Social Security number, and I refused. Right on my card, it read, "Not for Identification". Finally, she said that they had the number, anyway, and I said, "If you have the number, anyway, then you put it on." And, sure enough, when I got my driver's license in the mail, my Social Security number was on it!

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police wanted a fingerprinting requirement in the law, but the legislators stiffed them.

Oh, and the auto insurance requirement in New Mexico? What a joke. Twice, when I registered my car in New Mexico in different years, I stood right under the sign that read, "You must have auto insurance and prove it" and waited for the clerk to ask me for my insurance card. She never did, in either year. In New Mexico about 35% of the drivers had auto insurance.

This law is a piece of garbage. It will turn out to be very expensive for the law-abiding, insurance-buying, residents of the U.S. and those who are legally here. Why are Illinois politicians giving away this state?

The answer is VOTES, of course.

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