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Valencia Formula 1 - The Street Circuit By The Sea That Has Lost Out To New Jersey

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Valencia Formula 1 - The Street Circuit By The Sea That Has Lost Out To New Jersey

Rebecca Sophia Meade
December 30, 2012

Valencia is one of Spain's better kept secrets when it comes to cities for tourists to visit. Most tourists choose to go to Madrid, Barcelona or Seville as their top choices, but they are missing a fine city by not going to Valencia. It has some wonderful architecture, great nightlife and various festivities, but the best known one is Las Fallas which happens in spring. This is a visual feast when locals parade these amazing figures that they have spent months making, and it is truly spectacular. Move over Walt Disney!

Valencia Formula 1 Circuit European Grand Prix
Another treat on offer in Valencia is the Grand Prix. The circuit in Valencia is really special as it runs by the sea in the city itself, giving it an extra F1 wow factor. The Valencia Formula 1 Circuit is a street circuit of 5.419 km with twenty five curves. It combines these amazing curves with spectacular design, around the marina which was the 32nd America´s Cup base.

The Grao area frames the circuit which even though it is a street track it has the same safety and specs of a permanent track. The 2012 Valencia Grand Prix passed through the port´s inner docks and around the new neighbourhood which was planned between the port, railway track and the River Turia's old bed.

The setting of the Marina Juan Carlos 1 is stunning and currently it is the only marina in the world to be inside a Formula 1 track. If you own your own boat you can look into enjoying the next race from your boat, which is a unique experience that you can't enjoy elsewhere.

Alonso Wins In His Home Country European Grand Prix 2012
Alonso supporters and Spanish residents in general were delighted to see Alonso win at Valencia in 2012. Naturally a moment of extra emotion for the stable Spanish racing driver, sometimes called the King of Consistency, Alonso delighted his loving fans and countrymen. Unlike Hamilton, who after the incident with Maldonado was left almost speechless. It was clear he was furious but he managed to cool down sufficiently to say in an interview.

"I don't really know what happened if I am honest," Hamilton said diplomatically. "I went into the corner and I didn't come out. I only remember sitting in the wall with only a couple of laps to go.

However there was no doubt that Alonso's victory in Valencia was brilliant, plus the race was the most exciting one so far at the Valencia circuit.

In 2013 it seems that Alonso won't have the opportunity to be victorious in Valencia again. The event of the European Grand Prix has been dropped from the race calender and is being replaced with another US race, to be held in New Jersey.

The plan is to alternate Barcelona and Valencia as the Spanish Grand Prix hosts from 2013 onwards. Now whilst one can understand some of the motivation behind this Bernie Ecclestone decision, it is a real shame for European Grand Prix fans. Not to mention those who know what a marvellous city Valencia is - it is not as appreciated as it should be. For now unfortunately it has lost out to New Jersey, which of course is thrilling for the Americans but not so much for us Europeans!

It should be 2014 when the Spanish Formula 1 will be hosted in Valencia. The very best way to enjoy this thrilling event is to choose Paddock Club Hospitality where you will be treated like a super star, and get close up and personal to the action.

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