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On Building Your Customized Vehicle and On Mazda Spiano Micro-Minis

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On Building Your Customized Vehicle and On Mazda Spiano Micro-Minis

Margaret Adams
April 20, 2006

Mazda is continuously upgrading and sprucing up its line up of vehicles. This automobile manufacturer is also making sure that not only their vehicles are upgraded but they make sure that their services for their customers world-wide are also given excellent deals and superb services.

Recently in Japan, Mazda is putting its Spiano Micro-Minis on sale. These are model cars from the automobile company. And this act has been done so as to be able to give two new Spiano models space when they come straight to the company’s vehicle line up. These two Spiano models comprise of the XF model and the SS model.

The Mazda Spiano XF model has a more fashionable exterior compared to the SS model. It is actually based on the previous Spiano X model. On the other hand, the Spiano SS model has a stronger engine compared to the previous model as well as compared to the XF model. It has been based on the Turbo model of the same make.

The Mazda Spiano Micro-Minis bear a tag that is quite affordable, especially for those who are interested in the Mazda brand of vehicles. The manufacturers recommended retail price for these vehicles range from 997,500 yen to 1,386,000 yen which when converted to US dollars is $8450 to $1,750.

Aside from getting its vehicle line up ready for new vehicles to come, Mazda in Japan has also come up with another brilliant idea to further customer care satisfaction. Over the internet, their built-to-order website, which is named Web Tune Factory, has been tuned up. The ability that the Web Tune Factory has at present is the chance to give their customers the ability to create their own customized Mazda car. In fact, customers are given a wide range of choices as per customization of any Mazda vehicle. There are around 8,500 optional equipment combinations that a person has to choose from. And the site also has 22 Mazda vehicle models available in Japan for customers to choose from.

Mazda continually makes sure that their customers around the globe are satisfied with their products. Mazda parts and Mazda 323 Parts just does the same. This online auto parts dealer Mazda Parts and Mazda Auto Parts make sure that each and every part that they make, like their Mazda 808 parts, are given durability and functionally so as to not disappoint their customers worldwide.

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