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Drive Safely On the Highway

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Drive Safely On the Highway

Stacey Wilson
April 20, 2006

Although the term “highway” has had a couple of meanings when it comes in the United States, more or less, the connotation that it is an important road that connects areas or cities that are separated by long distances. However, looking more closely into the meaning of this term, other meanings include a road that is high-speed (just like expressways and freeways), a main road that goes through distances outside of the city, or just about any road you can find.

Since highways are roads that go through many cities and connect these places despite long distances, this becomes the main facility which quite a number of large commercial vehicles use to transport their cargo. In fact, at present, this number of commercial vehicles has increased dramatically. Some people who are not confident enough in their driving skills could easily be overpowered by a fear of being crashed by these large machines.

Transport Canada has shared with the public some safety tips on how to drive safely on highways and keep your calm despite having these large vehicles running beside you. Transport Canada is a department of the government of Canada. Mainly, it is responsible for developing regulations, policies, and services of transportation and related matters in the mentioned country.

Commercial vehicles have larger blind spots compared to the ordinary vehicles. Remember to keep away from these blind spots. How do you do this? Keep in mind that if you cannot see the driver in their side mirror, it is very much possible that the driver would not even notice you there.

If in case you are driving in front of a large commercial vehicle like trucks and buses, signal your intentions to maneuver or stop well in advance. This is to warn the driver about what you are about to do so they have ample time to react properly. The thing behind these trucks and buses are that they actually do need more time and distance to maneuver and stop compared to most cars and vehicles.

When it comes to wet roads, remember that these large commercial vehicles are prone to spray a lot of water, and mud around. Always remember to turn your wipers on so you can always see clearly.

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