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Wizards Car Polish, Is It Better Than Wax? Product Reviews.

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Wizards Car Polish, Is It Better Than Wax? Product Reviews.

Ben Nunzio
April 9, 2006

Wizards Shine Master polish, is it better for your car or motorcycle than wax? A consumer’s review.

Many folks truly do not understand the differences between car polish, and car wax. Within the context of this article, I will try and explain in simple terms, why I believe that you should POLISH your car/motorcycle, instead of waxing it. I will further try and point out some very valid reasons as to WHY I feel you are also much better off POLISHING your car, boat, or motorcycle with a product like Wizards Shine Master, which is a professional quality car, motorcycle, boat polish, as opposed to waxing it. This particular product, is actually one of today's best kept secrets. The debate has raged on for many years, amongst professionals as well as amateurs, whether you should polish your car/motorcycle, or wax it. On any given day, you can visit one of thousands of car and or motorcycle enthusiasts web forums, and find a heated discussion with regards to this very subject. Well to be quite honest with you, some of the stances in these discussions I find rather amusing and misleading to say the very least. Let's take a further look. When using a wax on your car's paint, most people either apply it too light or too heavy, which can cause excessive streaking, and caking up of the wax. Many people also just keep applying wax to their car, motorcycle, or boat instead of taking the old wax off first. This also has a tendency to cause a buildup of wax, which can leave your ride's paint looking terrible. My main beef with wax is that is usually starts to yellow out after a while. This can lead to your car/motorcycle/boat having a yellowish tint to its paint. This is not good in my opinion. Many waxes also harden, which does not allow the paint to breathe properly. Again, not a good thing. The above are just a few of the reasons why I prefer Wizards detailing polishes, instead of any wax on the market. Many auto-body shops, and boat enthusiasts use this very product as a final detailing preparation, before releasing the recently repaired vehicle to the owner. Shine master actually seals the paint, but it also allows it to breathe properly. It is easy to apply and remove, and it leaves an unremarkable shine to your paint. It also protects and shines better than wax, without washing away. Many show car owners also use this polish for the reason that it works, and it works very well. "Make It Shine, with Wizards!"

Wizards Car, Mototcycle, and Boat Polish
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