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When Braking (Your Car) Is Hard To Do

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When Braking (Your Car) Is Hard To Do

Terry Brown
April 7, 2006

Losing control of your car and losing the function of your breaks could actually happen in real life not just in movies and soap operas. In fact, it could happen to your car or to a Geo vehicle, or to any other vehicle. This usually happens if you do not take good care of your car and its brake system. Also, if the owner of the vehicle has not gone through the usual check ups, losing control of the brakes could happen.

What if it happens to you? The first thing to do is to stay calm and keep control of the situation even if the vehicle itself is not responding to your attempts at stopping or slowing it down. There are actually two possibilities that could happen to you and your car. First, your pedal does not go down and feels hard. And second, your pedal would sink to the floor and would feel too soft.

If the first thing happens to you when your brake feels hard and would not go down despite your attempts at pressing it down, it just simply means that your brake booster is not working correctly. This kind of problem is oftentimes caused by a vacuum leak, or the engine itself has stopped running. If this happens, do not distress. You still have the power to push down very hard on the brake pedal. Even if it would not provide the desired effect of eventually slowing or stopping the vehicle, pressing down hard could provide some force and provide some brake.

If you find yourself in the second situation where the brake is just too soft, remember that modern vehicles have been installed with a second braking circuit. Despite the fact that you are pressing the pedal to the floor and nothing seems to be happening, the truth is that you might be providing some braking power which assists in slowing down your vehicle.

If nothing happens despite your efforts at braking, try using the parking brake which is also known as the emergency brake. Usually, it works on the rear wheels only however, it is better than not having any kind of brake at all. And yes, always remember to still think clearly despite the no-brakes situation. Make sure that you still steer clear of any obstacles especially other vehicles and pedestrians.

As vehicle manufacturers keep on producing cars with technology and advancements so as to provide safe cars, Auto Parts Information maintains its lead on product excellence by continuously supplying top grade Geo parts and other vehicle parts like brakes and brake system parts. If there is any need to replace your car’s brake system parts, Auto Parts Information could provide you with durable yet inexpensive replacements.

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