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How to Have a Safe Motorbike Ride

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How to Have a Safe Motorbike Ride

Jack Phillips
December 12, 2012

Enjoyment, adventure, fun, and escapade - these words sound very lovely to the ears. Riding a motorbike, however, is flipping the story to the other side. Certain risks must be handled carefully and apparently, many riders are not aware that dangerous direction could be along the way. Your supposedly fun motorbike ride can even open the door to destruction.

However, avoiding a serious motorbike accident is always possible. You can always do something to ward yourself off from physical injuries and from being incapacitated. And one way to do that is to follow some ways on how to have a safe motorbike ride. Therefore, it is important to check the condition of your motorcycle before you decide on speeding up.

Are the tires well-inflated? The tires of your motorbike determine the smoothness of your ride. If the tires are under-inflated or over-inflated, then there is a chance that accidents may happen. Aside from having proper air pressure, wheel bearings and spokes should be adjusted properly.

Are the controls performing well? Clutch, brakes, and other control buttons have to work well. These buttons have to be smooth for the ride to be smooth too.

Are the horn and all the lights working? Lights and horn play a big role in your ride especially during dark hours. If they are malfunctioning, aside from your safety being jeopardised, traffic cops might stain your license too. So make sure these things are working all right.

Are there adequate oil and gas? This must always be checked if you want to extend the life of the engine of your motorbike. Ensuring that the tank is also filled for the next rides is important.

Is the drive chain close-fitted and properly lubricated? The drive chain of your motorbike connects its engine to its wheels that is why it has to be properly lubricated and fit before riding or you might be left with no choice but to adjust it while you are on the road.

Are the brakes gripping? As you are about to head off to your destination, remember that you will never be able to reach your destination in one piece if your motorbike brakes are not working well. So, make sure that you check if the grips are doing fine during the first few meters of your ride.

Are the handlebars easily turned? Handlebars are a big factor to how smooth your ride will go so make sure that you can easily move them.

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