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A Look At The New Volkswagen Passat

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A Look At The New Volkswagen Passat

Wolfe Tone
December 11, 2012

Volkswagen's freshly face lifted Passat fits the first description rather, nicely, but it also sails perilously close to the latter.

While the 'new' Passat has some 2300 new parts and completely new exterior panels it's far too nice to brag about it. Comfort is what the Passat's all about in fact, so trying to hustle it along misses the point.

Its comfortably middle class and completely inoffensive in a well-built, well-appointed way. Softly suspended, though not all over the road, it's also very well insulated from noise and has enough space for four big people.With plenty of room in the front and back it is quite spacious and well proportioned. The fact Audi has released its new A4 at precisely the time this Passat arrives - with revamped old A4 mechanical s - underlines its positioning as a poor man's A4.

And, if poor men could afford it, we're sure they'd find it very nice. But its cold soul wouldn't keep 'em warm at night. The Passat has always been the the car of choice for the poorer middle class but this version will get it some admirers for the upper levels as well.

Did I like The Passat?. Well yes although I only had it for a few hours as I was pushed for time. I think it will serve the market it was built for quite adequately. I will be back tracking to review this car in greater detail later on in the year because i do think it will be a popular choice among middle class drivers. While you wait for me to do my review why not pop down to your local Volkswagen dealership and take one for a test drive, I think if you haven't been a VW Passat fan in the past you may become one.

Wolfe Tone write's on the Internet for Auto Sites such as http://www.carsforsaleireland.ie

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