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Reliving the Eagle Premier

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Reliving the Eagle Premier

Kimberly Meyer
April 5, 2006

From 1988 up until 1992. This is the period in automobile history wherein the Eagle Premier took its time to roam and roll along the streets and roads. This vehicle is the product of a joint project of American Motors and Chrysler Corporation. It is also marketed and is known by the name Renault Premier. The Eagle Premier has been built and made available as a sedan with four doors and is categorized as an entry to the mid size class.

The Eagle Premier has been built and mounted on the FF B body platform making it related to the Dodge Monaco and the Renault 25. Its competition in the market comprise of the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and the Mercury Sable. There are two choices for the Eagle Premier’s engine which is either the 2.5 liter AMC I4 engine or the 3.0 liter PRV V6 engine. This sedan holds a wheelbase measuring 106 inches, a length of 192.8 inches, and it stands some 53.3 inches. The curb weight that this vehicle has falls somewhere between 2991 pounds and 3068 pounds.

The style of the Eagle Premier is due to the creative mind of Giorgetto Giugiaro. Take a look inside the Eagle Premier’s interior and one would find the exquisite comfort and design that the interior holds. The interior of this sedan was designed by the American Motor Company’s in house design staff which worked under the careful direction of Dick Teague. As per the vehicle’s drivetrain, it uses the same one utilized by the Renault 25. The Renault 21 is the vehicle that shares the same suspension components with the Eagle Premier. However, unique to the Eagle Premier are its body and floorpan structure. Come the year 1990 up until 1992, this sedan was sold under another name which was the Dodge Monaco. There were plans of introducing another version which held two doors this time and was to be named the Eagle Allure however it never found its way to production.

If delivery and functionality are some of the reasons why the Eagle Premier was created, likewise Auto Accessories Giant with its supercharged line up of innovative and creative Eagle Premier Accessories plays an integral part of sprucing up and keeping the Eagle Premier look brand new. Eagle Premier Accessories from Auto Accessories Giant also assist in providing the Eagle Premier added functions and keep the performance and delivery of this vehicle quite top notch. These superior Eagle accessories lend a hand in lifting Eagle vehicles to the next level.

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