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Need an All-Purpose Car? Lease a Sedan

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Need an All-Purpose Car? Lease a Sedan

Mark Etinger
September 26, 2012

Usually the first car anyone ever gets - whether they buy it themselves or they are given one when they are teenagers by their parents - is a four door sedan. The reason for this is because sedans are all-purpose vehicles that can be used for pretty much every situation that you need to reliably transport people and objects.

Typical four door sedans are spacious and are designed to hold five people: two in the front and three in the rear. Some sedans are so spacious that they can hold six people comfortably. This makes them well suited for taking your family out to dinner or a short trip to grandma's and grandpa's. Sedans also have the trunk space to accommodate the luggage necessary for such a trip. Related to this is the fact that many car makers now include GPS as a standard option, even in cars that are not designated strictly as "luxury" classified sedans.

Speaking of which, luxury sedans tell those sitting outside of the vehicle that its owner and/or driver is both fashionable and classy. Besides the aforementioned GPS, you get some lovely features like leather upholstery, heated seats, polished metal and/or wood-grain trim, MP3 device integration, electronic stability control, rear view parking systems and much more. Though not exclusive to sedans alone, many of them have a convertible option - both in soft or hardtop configurations.

But you do not have to buy or even just lease a luxury car; you simply lease a regular sedan. The best thing about leasing is that you are not married, so to speak, to the car. You are only paying for its use during the lease period - usually a minimum of two years. Once the lease is up you can wipe your hands clean of the car or start a new lease entirely. Some car dealers may even allow you to purchase the car if you fall in love with it during your lease. In either case, leasing a sedan allows you full access to the convenience provided by the vehicle.

You can use it for work, road trips with the family, and you can use it as a sort of graduation or congratulatory present to your teenage son or daughter who just got their license. They will have a car they can use to go out with their friends, and you will save a lot of money since you did not outright buy the sedan.

It is really a win-win for you to lease a sedan when the time is right for another car.

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