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Where to Buy a Car Lift in Texas

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Where to Buy a Car Lift in Texas

Nick C.
October 30, 2007

From the standpoint of a consumer I have always wondered where I could get my hands on all of the cool toys and gadgets that businesses have access to. My shop, which is actually quite large, is ill equipped simply because I don't have a car lift. I hit up all of the local auto supply stores (a long shot, I know), and none of them even knew where I could get a car lift in Texas.

After a bit of research and a lot of asking around, I realized that part of the reason that I wasn't able to find a car lift conveniently for sale is because many distributors are bound to agreements that prohibit the sale of car lifts to non-commercial entities (ie- a regular person). Apparently, this is done for brand protection and for the sake of good business. However, there are many places where you can buy car lifts in Texas:

• Online – It sounds a little odd, but the internet is a great place to search for stores that will simply ship you a car lift. Sure, the adage "some assembly required" definitely applies here, but chances are good that you'd have to put your new car lift together no matter where it came from.

One great thing about the internet is that you are able to find stores all across the country that would be more than happy to take your money, and in exchange ship you a car lift. Of course, due diligence is required when ordering online- when we're talking about $1,500+ pieces of automotive equipment it's pretty important to make sure that the website that you're buying from is reputable and reliable.

• Auctions – A surprisingly large number of businesses go under, and auctions are a great place to find a variety of pieces of equipment for sale at slashed prices. Many auction houses post schedules weeks in advance of the actual auction, so keep your eyes peeled for anything automotive related.

It's almost a guarantee that a speed shop or mechanics shop will have multiple car lifts for sale, so snatch them up!

• Private sellers – Check the local classifieds for private sellers. A car lift will be a rare offering, but every now and again they do appear. As well, make use of the "want to buy" section, as you never know who'll be reading it.

You can also approach mechanics or automotive businesses and see if you can obtain one through them. Even if you have to go used, having a car lift is better than not having a car lift.

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