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FMCSA works to speed up fuel delivery to storm-stricken communities

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FMCSA works to speed up fuel delivery to storm-stricken communities

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U.S. Department of Transportation
November 6, 2012

Gas station Truck making its way through Getting the fuel to the station

As states and communities continue recovering from Hurricane Sandy, President Obama has asked us to ensure that fuel reaches them as quickly as possible.

Yesterday, DOT answered that call when our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced it is leading an Interstate Petroleum Transport Team to ensure the fastest and most efficient movement of fuel to the region. The team will be a single point of contact for states, the trucking industry, and other agencies, and it will help remove barriers to expedite quick delivery of fuel.

Different states have different rules covering hours-of-service, truck size and weight, low sulfur diesel use, and more. So this team will help coordinate activities across the states, making sure that truckers can navigate key regulatory issues and fuel can quickly get to the communities that need it.

Many states have already established waivers, and I cannot thank them enough for doing so. To keep carriers up-to-date, FMCSA has posted a convenient online list of these state waivers.

The team also offers carriers a one-stop solution to ensure the swift delivery of relief goods with a hotline number (1-800-832-5660) to help address any barriers to the flow of fuel carriers to affected states.

Last week, FMCSA issued an Eastern Regional Emergency Declaration to temporarily lift federal hours-of-service requirements and other regulations to assist interstate motor carrier drivers and operators providing direct emergency relief, including transporting generators and fuel.

And, working with FEMA and the Defense Logistics Agency, FMCSA has also helped connect fuel distributors with companies that have fuel pump trucks.

When we pull into a gas station, we take it for granted that they have the fuel we need for our vehicles. But when our roadways are flooded or blocked by storm debris and gas stations lack the electricity to run their pumps, we're forced to pause and consider all that goes into this everyday activity.

So I want to thank all of the drivers who are out there today, doing their very best to get fuel and other essential supplies to affected communities. We know it's not easy--even under the best circumstances--so in this critical moment FMCSA is doing all it can to streamline multiple state trucking regulations and help you deliver the goods.

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