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Avoid These Behaviors On The Car Lot

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Avoid These Behaviors On The Car Lot

Winston Takeda
November 21, 2012

Buying a car is a scary experience. Maybe you saw a commercial on TV that prompted your interest in the latest pick up truck or SUV. Perhaps the model smiled at you a certain way that convinced you that she was speaking directly to you. So you walked onto the car lot, and two hours later you find yourself driving home in the latest model SUV. The last two hours are a blur. You can easily afford the six hundred dollar a month payment, right?

To be sure, car salesman don't have the best reputation. They seem to be confrontational, free will stealing hypnotists that can make us buy things that we didn't even know existed ten minutes before. Not only that, but they'll also convince us to buy the all weather protection and the extended warranty.

The good news is that you can easily avoid such shenanigans. Just know what to expect, and prepare against them. Just like in martial arts, if you can anticipate what punch your opponent is going to throw, you can effectively block it. In car sales, knowing what's coming is half the battle, as proclaimed by G.I. Joe.

The first thing to watch out for is the lead. That's when they do things, and expect you to follow. This is the first sign of them turning into a wolf, and you turning into a sheep. When they say, "follow me," and then turn and walk away, don't. Just sit there and pretend that you didn't hear them. Wait for them to come back.

Avoid the, "Yes set." This is an effective use of "tag questions" that get you nodding your head like a good little boy.

You want car, don't you? Yes.

You want a blue one, don't you? Yes.

You said you were an engineer, didn't you? Yes

It is sunny today, isn't it? Yes.

Instead of saying "yes" fifty times in a row and waking up the next day with a new car you can't pay for in your driveway, just mumble something, anything, other than, "yes."

Finally, don't let them ask the questions. Ask as many detailed, specific, scientific questions as you can. Pull them out of thin air. Get them off balance. Ask things like, "How long will the tread on the tires last?" This will keep them on their toes, and on the defensive. If they are on the defensive, then they can't go in for the kill.

Keep these in mind next time you go shopping for a car, and you'll be in great shape.

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