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How To Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

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How To Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Debbie Groves
October 26, 2007

You can get online auto insurance quotes easily, but the credit goes to getting the cheapest auto insurance rates. If you do not know how to get the lowest possible quotes then have a look below for some help regarding this matter.

Ways to trim hundreds off your auto insurance quotes,

You need to provide the details about your zip code, safety features of your car, marital status and the annual commuting miles, if you do not do so the insurance companies will be quoting you higher auto insurance rates. The information must be in details to ensure that you conveniently receive each discount that you qualify for.

For low auto insurance quotes, you also need to increase your deductible, as higher deductibles imply lower insurance premiums. For instance, if you have a deductible of $250, and you raise that to $500, you have the option of saving a hundred dollars or maybe more on your annual premium. It is also advisable to plan on having extra financial resources for covering the deductible in case of an accident.

Compare the prices between the companies,as the auto insurance quotes can vary as much as 300% among companies for the same coverage. When you compare the prices, you stand chances of saving hundreds of dollars per year. You must also check out your present insurance company; they may have lower rates for the new customers and this will require you to negotiate a bit.

For married couples, it is advisable to make a comparison between the insurance quotes of the “male” as the main driver and the “female” as the main driver. A lower quote is possible in this case, with the female being insured on a truck and the male being insured on the minivan. Teenagers must be insured on safer cars, like the family sedan.

You need to cut on the miles that you drive to obtain low auto insurance quotes. For instance, if you are a drivertraveling on an average of 40 miles or less a day, you qualify for a low mileage discount with a majority of the insurance companies. For decreasing your car's mileage in order to qualify for the discount, you need to consider taking public transit or the carpool. Reduce the miles on your car by flying or taking a train when vacationing.

With the installation of car alarms and tracking systems in your car, you can avail of discounts from the auto insurance companies. Adding the anti-theft devices to your car can also help you get discounts on the auto insurance quotes. Insurance companies do this because anti-theft devices reduce the risk of your car being stolen. A certified defensive-driving class might also compel the insurance companies to decrease the auto insurance quotes for a period of three years.

Debbie Groves is the owner of Auto Insurance Quotes People which is a premier resource for Auto Insurance Quote information. For more information, go to: http://www.autoinsurancequotepeople.com

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