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2013 SL 550's Fine Points As Determined By A Mercedes Benz Dealer: The Elite Will Talk About The Ride

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2013 SL 550's Fine Points As Determined By A Mercedes Benz Dealer: The Elite Will Talk About The Ride

Georgina Newton
August 26, 2012

One of the several world's prominent high-class cars is prepared to take 2013 on with its most recent roadster. The 2013 Mercedes Benz SL 550 Roadster is out to prove that a high-end drive is truly relating to ease behind the wheel plus a completely dynamic design.

This most current roadster is 89% aluminium and weighs significantly less as opposed to the earlier models - it's remarkably light and greatly beneficial to folks who would love great ease in manoeuvring their own cars, according to a Mercedes Benz dealer. Highway-cruising is predicted to be a light and exciting experience. Worth noting too is the moderate dimensions customization; the SL 550 Roadster is 2 inches longer, as well as lower and wider. This particular slight transformation works in making the greatly aluminium vehicle much more aerodynamically sound in structure. This is complemented by the magnesium top which contributes to the vehicle's lower centre of gravity.

When it comes to the interior of the 2013 SL 550, everything's excellent and sophisticated. Seats are generally hand-stitched leather -- very comfy though glamorous. And there are genuine hardwood trims for the hard parts of the interior layout. There's additionally a bolstering method that secures the driver in place as he turns corners with the vehicle. Should the driver prefer to go top-down, he or she won't need to panic about his or her head fighting with air flow counteraction and temperature as he/she could simply use the AIRSCARF which is a system which wraps warmly around the neck, lessening the tension. There's a core console switch operator as well that delivers comfortable access to the vehicle's infotainment program which is a 7-inch display screen with navigational tools, climate control, automobile parameters, Wireless Bluetooth, and the astounding Harmon/Kardon sound system that can basically drown out the noise of traffic. It's a completely-designed interior in a totally solid and efficient design.

One more exceptional characteristic this car is the recently incorporated technology for the SL 550 Roadster which opens the trunk via a simple waving of the foot underneath the back bumper. This automatically makes loading of additional cargo, such as bags of groceries far easier since the hands do not need to locate the key fob any longer.

The new 4.6 litre-engine performs much better as compared to the aspirated 5.5 litre-engine. It's more cost-efficient, fuel-wise by 30%. This proportion is an important advantage taking into consideration the current unsteady gasoline rates.

This recently-released roadster really strides very easily according to the Mercedes Benz dealer. The elite society will absolutely like all the latest customizations and discover the SL 550 Roadster a must-have because of its useful functionality, design, as well as technological innovation. Curious people don't need to just browse through assessments or pay attention to hearsays concerning the 2013 Mercedes Benz SL 550 Roadster; they could check them out by themselves at a Mercedes Benz car dealership.

Georgina Newton is a writer and researcher for http://www.mbhornsby.com.au

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