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Geo Prizm: The Sum of GM and Toyota's Efforts

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Geo Prizm: The Sum of GM and Toyota's Efforts

Jenny McLane
April 5, 2006

The Geo Prizm is a vehicle that has been manufactured from 1990 up until the year 1997 by a joint project and venture by the General Motors Corporation and the Toyota Motor Company. It had actually replaced the Geo Spectrum, as well as the Chevrolet Nova among the company’s line up of vehicle models. The Geo Prizm is a compact car and comes in two body styles which comprise of the sedan with four doors and the hatchback that sports five doors. It has been related to the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Sprinter, and also considered the Ford Escort, the Dodge Colt, the Honda Civic, and the Nissan Sentra as its competition. When the production of this vehicle had been permanently halted, the Chevrolet Prizm then succeeded this vehicle.

In the United States, the Geo Prizm was considered to be a small car in the automobile market. During the time that it still existed, the Geo Prizm was powered by the very same engines that the Toyota Corollas during that time also held. From 1989 up until 1992, the Geo Prizm had been powered by the 4A FE or the optional 4A GE engine. Come 1993 up until 1997, the machine was powered by the 4A FE engine or the optional 7A FE engine. As per its last years, 1998 up until the year 2002, the Geo Prizm got its power from the 1ZZ FE engine.

This vehicle was manufactured to sport a rear spoiler as well as body colored grilles and bumpers. There also were four wheel disc brakes. Changes were also done with the Geo Prizm. In 1991, the vehicle was reintroduced wearing a new stainless steel exhaust system as well as black body side moldings. People who were able to deal with the Geo Prizm said that despite having quite a cramped passenger room and a very limited cargo room, the vehicle still recovered through a great acceleration, a superior refinement, a comfortable ride, exquisite visibility and a very good fuel economy. Other features that the Geo Prizm held included gray steel wheels, alloy wheels, full wheel covers, a rounded body, snake eye headlights, flush door handles, 60/40 split rear seats, a CD player, dual airbags, daytime running lights, antilock brakes, a sunroof, as well as a tilt steering wheel.

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