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Car Buying Tips For First-Time Buyers

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Car Buying Tips For First-Time Buyers

Steven Pierce
October 19, 2012

With hundreds of cars on the market, it can often be overwhelming to choose a ride that best suits your situation. Since this is potentially going to be one of the biggest purchases in your life, you may want to consider these tips to make the buying process a lot easier.

Establish a Budget

Before you even start looking at cars, make sure that you know what you can afford. Are you going to pay cash? Do you plan on getting financing? Remember, when you buy a car, you will have to get insurance by law. Create a potential price you will pay each month and combine it with your budget to see if you can afford it. If you're one that wants to save money, consider buying used from local sellers or even consider checking out auto auctions nearby.

Know your Situation

How are you going to use this car every day? Do you transport bigger items? Are you just travelling back and forth to work? Every car out there can do different things for you. So if you have a family of five, it would probably be best to avoid a two-door convertible. Get something that will make your transportation easy.

Your Wants

Like a home, cars both can come packed full of features. These features can include satellite radio, a sunroof, heated seats, leather, GPS, an alarm system and so forth. Prioritize a list and write what you want. Keep in mind that if you're searching for used cars, you may have to sacrifice a few things. With that being said, put the most important on the top and go from there.

Research the Car

Once you have your list narrowed down to a few makes and models that you're interested in, it's important to research the car online. A great way to research is simply by listening to other drivers online. See what problems they had and try to find out how many recalls have been implemented in the past. While no car will be perfect, some years and models will be a lot worse than others. It's highly recommended that you steer clear of those.

Test Drive

Whether you're buying used or new, don't forget to test drive the car! All legitimate dealers and sellers will be more than happy to let you take it for a drive. When you do, just make sure that you drive it in all areas. Drive it on the highway and side roads. What you may find is that some cars can handle differently when you reach different rates of speeds.

By following these tips and taking your time to research a car, you will find that buying the perfect car isn't that hard at all.

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