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Knowing When And What To Buy

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Knowing When And What To Buy

Thomas Michaels
October 12, 2012

Purchasing a vehicle isn't a whimsical adventure on any given day. For most, purchasing a vehicle is detailed process over several weeks or months--depending on the amount of time people have to dedicate to selecting a car. It's important to take your time and not rush to any conclusions because you save money with a slower approach. That's why it's important to know when to buy a vehicle and which vehicle to buy for your situation.

Let's start with the "when." When should you purchase a vehicle? It's best when you have the money for the purchase. However, it's not a poor decision to buy a reasonably nice car with a monthly payment. If the payment fits your budget then you are doing well. Consider the amount of money you have in savings and determine how much you can offer as a down payment. Down payments are a good indicator of when you are able to buy. If you are able to put a decent down payment on the car, then you are ready to make the purchase. If you're a little hesitant with your savings, then it's probably not a good time to buy.

Also, if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or fairly new vehicle, then consider buying a recent model when the next year's model has hit the market. Dealers are looking to get new vehicles that are technically one year old off of the lot to make room for the newest model. So, purchase a new vehicle just before or after the new model makes its appearance. There are great deals during this time.

Let's make a shift to the "what." Determining what type of vehicle to purchase is a personal preference. Are you a mother with several children in need of third-row seating? If so, then you are in the market for a minivan or SUV. Are you a single male looking for power and speed under the hood? Then you may consider a speedy coupe or convertible. It truly depends on what you are in the market for. However, in this position, don't go out of your means to purchase an unsuitable vehicle. For example, a family probably wouldn't be in the market for a small convertible. Know what you need in a vehicle, why you need those options, and how much you are willing to spend for what you need. If you keep this mentality and answer questions for yourself before you search, then you will be more apt to make a good decision.

Purchasing a vehicle is a big moment, so it's important to know what you want and when you should make the purchase. Come to Byford Buick & GMC and ask vehicle professionals for their opinion. Byford is trusted by many and helps every customer find the best fitting vehicle - http://www.byfordauto.com/

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