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BYD Signs the World’s Largest Public Electric-Vehicle Fleet Lease

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BYD Signs the World’s Largest Public Electric-Vehicle Fleet Lease

July 24, 2011


BYD and Shenzhen's Major Public Bus Operations signed a series of leasing contracts establishing BYD as the exclusive provider of pure-electric auto and bus for the 2011 International Universiade Games.

With the launch of the "New Energy Automobile Demonstration", previously announced May 11th, 2011, BYD began delivering eBUS's (see video link) to several Shenzhen public bus operations at the end of July. With 200 of BYD's all-electric eBUS's and 300 of BYD's all-electric e6's (a 5 passenger sedan that serves well as an eTaxi), this new energy fleet now becomes the largest of its kind in the World. Chuanfu Wang, the Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., signed on behalf of BYD at a formal ceremony attended by Shenzhen Government Officials today with representatives from Shenzhen Bus Group, Shenzhen Eastern Bus Group and Shenzhen Western Bus Co.

After the conclusion of the international multi-sport events at the 2011 Universiade Games, the eBUS's and eTaxi's will continue serving as public transportation for Shenzhen City. BYD's eBUS is unique for its very-low-passenger-entry floor with in-wheel motor drive system and Iron-Phosphate (or "FE" ) battery technologies, both developed independently by BYD. The BYD Iron-Phosphate batteries used in both the eBUS and the e6 are unmatched in high-safety, long-service life, and environmental-friendliness. With these advances in pure electric technology, the BYD eBUS and e6 have a city driving range of more than 250 KM with air conditioning and 300 KM without, a value commensurate with Shenzhen's public transport demand. According to Shenzhen organizers, "the operation of BYD's eBUS's and eTaxi's reflect our vision of 'green and low-carbon' for both the Universiade and promotes Shenzhen's leadership role in the new-energy automobile era."

e6 and eBUS fleet testing have been extremely successful for over a year for the e6 and half-a-year for the eBUS and is referenced in the "BYD Fleet Summary" released April 29th, 2011. The all-electric test fleet using the eBUS has now logged over 68,601 all-electric miles (>43K Km) with the eBUS predominantly charged off-peak at multi-use public station terminals, and utilizing the lowest night-time energy rates. The all-electric e6 Taxi fleet has now logged over 2,267,298 all-electric miles (>3.6M Km) with rapid-charge-times averaging 20 minutes – for more information email pr@byd.com.

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