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Secret Techniques In Getting A Good Deal On A Car

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Secret Techniques In Getting A Good Deal On A Car

Winston Takeda
October 7, 2012

Shopping for a car is a nightmare for most people. You never what kind of secret mental ninja trick the car salesman is going to pull. You might end up driving home a red, fifty thousand dollar sports car when all you wanted to do was get your oil changed. While you might think that you have super human powers of sales resistance, those salespeople are pretty skilled at what they do, so you'd better be careful.
The first thing that will help is to develop a definite outcome. Most people wander into a car shop with just a vague idea of what they want. This is a recipe for certain disaster. Salespeople can smell this from a mile away, and pounce on you like a hungry lion on a sick zebra. When you walk in knowing exactly what you want, they'll be able to detect this and will be afraid to approach you.
This is another thing to avoid. Most people walk onto a car lot and then stand around and hope a helpful salesperson approaches them. You may as well walk out onto the African savannah with an "eat me" sign on your back.
A better alternative is to spot a few salespeople before you even get out of your car. Practice saying the make and model of the car you are interested in taking a look at. Then get out of your car, walk right up to the nearest salesperson you see, and tell them what car you are looking for. If you know the color, make and year, they'll be off balance.
To make yourself even more indestructible, you should expect what kind of price you'll be paying. This is easy to do. Forget about the sticker price. This is just a suggestion. In reality, you'll pay anything from ten to fifteen percent below sticker price. You should know the sticker price before even rolling up to the lot. Also note that the sticker price is going to be different based on all the options, so you'll need to know these as well. Do your research, and you'll be unstoppable.
The truth is that salesman are only as powerful as you let them be. When you know exactly what you want, and exactly what you're willing to pay, nobody can stop you. They'll just get out of your way and give you what you want. And you're friends will be so impressed, that they'll want you to go with them when they buy a car.
And this will make you the most respected kid on the block.
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