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Import Car Shows

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Import Car Shows

Thomas Morva
March 13, 2006

Foreign manufacturers exhibit their vehicles during car shows. Most of the times, foreign brands are exhibited alongside local cars; but there are rare occasions when only foreign cars are put up on display. Such foreign cars are called imported cars and the shows are called imported car shows. The purpose of these shows is to highlight new modifications in the cars and to introduce them in the market for sale. Some popular imported car shows are HIN (Hot Import Nights), Extreme Autofest and NOPI (Number One Parts Inc.)

Any new vehicle or new feature in an existing car makes its debut in such imported car shows. This year, for example, Mercedes-Benz introduced its petroleum driven vehicle and extremely modern ambulance at imported car shows organized at various places in the world. Every car manufacturer worth their salt brings up new cars every year to put up in imported car shows across the world. There are also other vehicles such as trailers, buses, tractors, trucks, etc. that are showcased. Honda has even displayed Asimo, the first and only bipedal robot of the world, in such imported car shows.

Cars built for special purposes are called concept cars. Such concept cars have unique unconventional designs. Imported car shows are good platforms for manufacturers to display and explain the utilities of concept cars.

Imported car shows are not just exhibitions; they also allow visitors to buy the displayed cars. Visitors can touch, feel and scrutinize the cars and even get a demonstration. Cars at such imported shows are sold at introductory rates, which are less than their price in the market. In addition, there are specific times called ‘happy hours’ when cars are sold at still greater discounts. Visitors have to usually buy tickets to these shows, which could be as much as $200, depending on the caliber of the exhibition. The imported car show conducted at Chicago is considered to be one of the biggest car shows in the US.

There are certain car shows where owners of foreign car brands can display their cars and win prizes. These are also imported car shows. During these shows, the best cars get advertisements from companies in the form of sticker labels for their cars. The number of sticker labels on a car’s body indicates its popularity. People exhibiting their cars at shows make several amendments to their cars to make them unique.

Japan is considered the major player in all imported car shows worldwide. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan are popular Japanese brands at car shows worldwide. Competitions are an integral part of car shows. Cars are awarded for their looks, performance and critic and audience appeal. Japanese cars are famous for bagging the most awards during car shows.

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