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How To Get The Best Bang For Your Truck Buck

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How To Get The Best Bang For Your Truck Buck

Winston Takeda
September 12, 2012

If you've ever tried putting a bunch of stuff in the trunk of your small economy car, then you know what a pain it is. Sometimes you've got to put some stuff in the trunk, and more stuff in the back seat. And if you've got a lot of junk, or groceries, to haul, then the front seat is going to be taken up as well. When push comes to shove, people start to realize that getting a bigger car is something they need to do.

So you go shopping. You check out the SUVs, and maybe even some of the vans. But something's not right. While they look good, they don't really look like they were made to carry a bunch of stuff around. Especially if you're doing a lot of home improvement, and you need to make a lot of trips to the hardware store. You wouldn't want to scratch up the interior of your new SUV with a bunch of freshly cut lumber.

The obvious conclusion, then, is a truck. When you put stuff in the back of your truck, it's worry free. You aren't concerned with how it looks, just how it fits. And even with the smallest truck, you can put quite a bit of stuff back there. The next thing you've got to consider is what kind of truck.

If you're a single guy, then any old truck will do. So long as the cab is relatively comfortable, you're good to go. Just throw your surfboard or whatever into the back, you can hit the road without worry. Of course, if you're married, or if you've got some kids, then you might need a bigger truck.

Luckily, there are plenty of trucks that have large sized cabs. Some of them are even as big as a regular mid sized sedan. For big families, these are fantastic. You can drive around with five people in the front, and tons of stuff piled up in the back. So long as it's secured, you can go on your merry way knowing that everybody is happy.

You want to make sure your truck is built tough. You don't want something that's going to fall apart. You want a sturdy suspension that won't be bogged down when you've got a couple tons in the back. You'll also need a strong engine that can give you the horsepower you need when you're hauling a bunch of cement or bricks.

When you take all these things into consideration, you'll have the best truck that money can buy.

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