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Classic Car Shows

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Classic Car Shows

Thomas Morva
March 13, 2006

Car shows are an excellent way for owners to display their vintage and antique cars. Exotic models of Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, Chrysler, Corvette and Rolls Royce etc. are showcased in car shows. Such car shows are called classic car shows and they are much different from ordinary car shows. They are also popularly called by their French name concours d’elegance.

Most of all, these classic car shows are a platform for classic car owners to flaunt their possessions. There are several car aficionados who do not use antique cars for traveling, but still maintain them in order to display them in classic car shows. Awards are given to best maintained car, most antique car, best-looking car, best alternative fuel engine, etc. Detailed reports on these classic car shows are printed in tabloids and car magazines whenever the events are conducted.

Classic car shows are events where antique cars can be sold and purchased. These are events when people wanting to buy a classic car can sometimes buy antique Aston Martins, Chevrolets, Fords, Volkswagens, Mercedes and almost all other makes at highly affordable rates. Car shows conducted for classic cars are ideal places where new collectors and hobbyists can visit to gain knowledge about vintage cars from the owners themselves. Sometimes manufacturers of the car brands visit the car shows and give presentations and demonstrations about their cars. People who have procured classic cars as inheritances visit these shows to get their cars evaluated and, if they so desire, sold.

Concours d’elegances or classic car shows are conducted by major show organizers, which are oftentimes clubs of classic car lovers. Some famous concours d’elegances are conducted annually at Meadow Brook and Cranbrook in Michigan, Pebble Beach and Hillsborough in California and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina among many others. During these events, which run for a week or so, tens of thousands of people visit the car shows. People learn about the history of cars and meet the owners of classic cars. Even prospective buyers get a chance to shop for an ideal antique car. Visitors are made to vote for the best car and awards are given on the last day based on the votes.

In some car shows, there are auctions of classic cars. The owner may donate the proceeds of the auctions to suitable charities.

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