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Car Shows

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Car Shows

Thomas Morva
March 13, 2006

Car shows are exhibitions of cars, where vehicle of all kinds and brands are displayed. People visit car shows to see cars, gain information about them and even buy and sell them. Generally car shows are conducted by car owners’ clubs; they may also be conducted by car manufacturers and aficionados. Sometimes even municipal authorities and government organizations conduct these events to earn revenue.

Some car manufacturers debut their new cars during car shows. Debut cars are displayed to the general public. People can get demonstration rides and give their comments about the cars. If the makers so decide, they incorporate these comments to improve the car before releasing it in the market for commercial sale.

Car manufacturers like Ford have their unique car shows when they exhibit only cars of the Ford brand. This is a channel for car manufacturers to increase public awareness about their brand and to boost sales. Cars displayed during car shows are available for sale at concession rates. During these car sales, manufacturers display spare parts custom made for their cars, which are also available for sale.

Car shows, whenever they are conducted, usually create news for the magazines and the tabloids. Journalists and the paparazzi cover every single event of the car shows for their entire duration, especially if there are celebrities visiting the shows or volunteering as judges. Often, it is the organizers themselves who invite the press to cover their events as it is an advertisement for their car shows. Pictures of cars are published in magazines. In order to make the pictures more glamorous, services of models are often hired. Car show models, typically female, give various poses with the cars and these pictures are used as press material.

There are special events when only antique car shows are put up on display. These events are called classic car shows or concours d’elegances. Owners of vintage cars and car companies put up their classics as exhibits. People visiting classic car shows get a chance not only to see the antiques, but also to buy them during auctions. Concours d’elegances are regular annual features at places like Meadow Brook and Cranbrook in Michigan, Pebble Beach in California, etc.

The finale of a car show is usually a prize-distribution ceremony. Celebrated judges, invited by organizers, decide the winners. People visiting the car shows also vote for their favorites. Prizes are given for the owners of the best car, best maintained car, best alternative fuel car, best new entrant, etc.

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