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Storage for Motor Sports Enthusiasts

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Storage for Motor Sports Enthusiasts

Mark Etinger
September 14, 2012

Motor sports are big in America, everyone knows this. The country is full of motocross tracks, short track ovals, drag strips, back roads and open water. We are a country that loves our powerful and fun recreational vehicles. The average motor-head probably knows , this stuff isn't cheap. For many, cobbling together that motorcycle, or keeping that tuned car running is about ingenuity and know-how. Not simply throwing money at the project. That's what makes it fun, having the knowledge to take a pile of parts and turn it into a fun machine.

Many enthusiasts don't have space for this kind of stuff at their home or main residence and most neighbors aren't into having a bunch of dead cars all over the lawn. Storage space or a vehicle storage unit can help solve these problems. There are a lot of uses for a storage unit in the motor sports world. If you're organized, a relatively inexpensive unit can become a real life saver.

-Storing engines/ parts: Sometimes a great deal comes along and you just have to pick it up. A race engine or transmission is suddenly available that will definitely be of use in the future. However, you can't keep it in the living room. Get a storage space to leave the piece until you need it. This is also good for people that need to store wheels and tires for their race rig.

-Store tools and equipment: Even if your storage space has prohibitions on working on vehicles at the site, there's no reason you can't store your tools there. An engine stand or lift is a giant piece. But is a necessary one for a privateer racing team. Keeping the spare gear in a storage unit is important.

- Do light work: Some vehicle storage units will allow customers to do light work on their vehicles at the center. Some will even accommodate it with oil disposal and upgraded electrical outlets. Even if your center has rules against it, changing the wheels out on the street is dangerous!

-Motorcycle storage: If you race bikes or cars, a spare is a necessary but massive piece of equipment. You can't really park a valuable machine like that on the street, so storing it with competent professionals in a specialized, climate controlled vehicle storage facility is a good idea. A smart enthusiast can store a fleet of 600cc bikes in a relatively small unit.

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