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Car Show Models

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Car Show Models

Thomas Morva
March 13, 2006

Car companies use the services of models to attract prospective customers to their products. Photographs of cars along with models are taken and used for advertisements in the print media. This has given rise to a whole new genre of modeling, viz. car show modeling. There are several professional car show models who may charge anything up to $500 a day for providing their services.

The majority of these models are female. Since most car buyers are male, good-looking female models are used by car manufacturers to rivet the male attention to their cars. Sports cars are generally advertised with female models cavorting in various poses around them. The model is clothed in attires that accentuate the purpose of the photograph. Usually skimpy summer outfits or denim outfits are preferred as they cater to the sense of adventure of the buyer. These outfits are more common with sports cars. Some sleek cars like sedans use models in leather outfits to increase the daredevil approach of the advertisement. Limousines and such elite cars use sensuous models in formal attire.

Since car show models are used mostly in print, the basic qualification to be one is beauty. Car manufacturers prefer models with curvaceous figures and photogenic faces. Photographers exhort their models to exude sexiness during the shoot. Such pictures of cars with models are used on the cover pages of sports magazines in order to boost their sales. Sometimes, their services are employed live during car shows. Models pose in front of cars that are exhibited during HIN or NOPI car shows.

Some popular car show models today are Francine Dee, KT So, Natasha Yi, Masuimi Max, Tila Nguyen, Sasha Singleton, etc. Quite a few of them have been Playboy models and a few have even had a foray in Hollywood and the music world.

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