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Why is Toyota One Of The Best Brands In The World?

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Why is Toyota One Of The Best Brands In The World?

Winston Takeda
September 9, 2012

OK, that's kind of a subjective statement. But one thing's for sure, is that Toyotas are one of the best selling cars ever made. For a few years at least, the Corolla was the number one selling car in the world. They must be doing something right. Few people would continue to buy a product unless it was a good product. So what is it about Toyotas that make them such a popular brand? Let's see if we can figure that out.

First of all, think about what's important to you when you go shopping for a car. Cars are expensive, right? You don't want to buy one every year, do you? Of course not. So the first thing is that it will last a long time. Nobody wants a car that is going to break down after only fifty thousand miles. In fact, this is one of the reasons that many Americans started buying Japanese cars in the first place. American made cars were breaking down after only sixty or seventy thousand miles.

Since Toyotas generally last a long time, this is definitely a plus. Not only do they last a long time, but they hold a pretty good resale value. Most people don't drive their car until it starts belching smoke and refuses to run. They trade in their old car for a new one. The higher value their old car fetches, the better. This is another reason why people like Toyotas. They have a high resale value.

Most people aren't motor heads. In fact, most people wouldn't even know how to change their oil if their life depended on it. So a car that is low maintenance is essential. Nobody wants to spend their weekends buried under the hood of their car trying to make it run. Most of us just want to buy a car, and put gas in it whenever that red light goes on.

For this reason, Toyotas, and many other Japanese cars, are fantastic. They are low maintenance. You just have to take it to Jiffy Lube every 3000 miles, and you're good to go. They last a long time, they require little maintenance, and they have a high resale value.

Of course, there's one other essential ingredient. They can't look like crap. They must look cool. Even if a car was cheap, had a high resale value, and required little maintenance, nobody would buy it if it looked like a big turd on wheels. Well, maybe some people. But you get the idea. This is the final piece of the puzzles. The design of Japanese cars in general, and Toyotas in particular, is pretty good.

For all these reasons, you can count on seeing plenty of Toyotas on the road wherever you go.

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