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Lowest Price Traffic Schools

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Lowest Price Traffic Schools

Ross Bainbridge
March 13, 2006

Most traffic schools offer very low prices to stay ahead of the stiff competition. Normally, these rates range from $15 to $30. But some schools charge much less than this to lure in the customers. One such school is the GoToTrafficSchool.com, which offers rates as low as $14.50 in the counties of Los Angeles. NDSS traffic school online only charges $14.95 for their traffic course in California. The AmPm traffic school charges only $14.99 in most places, with the exception of certain counties. AnyTime traffic schools charge $15.99, nationwide.

Three Florida Traffic Schools claim to be Florida's easiest and cheapest traffic schools. They say that because they are non-profit organizations, their first goal is to serve the community, and so they can afford to go below traditional prices set by other schools. The Improv School also guarantees the lowest prices. All prices for Improv's online courses are 100% inclusive - there is no extra fee to process your completion, to get your state-issued certificate number, or to have your certificate sent to you via regular mail or email. All of these schools claim to be the cheapest in their states. They further assert that if you should find a traffic school course that is less expensive than their courses, you can let them know, and they will match the price or even provide you their courses for free.

One might ask how all these schools are able to keep their prices so low. Essentially, it is all based upon volume. They have thousands of students signing up and taking their traffic school courses every week. Since they serve so many customers, they are able to charge lower prices. But you must be careful in selecting a traffic school. Everyone claims to have the lowest prices. You must look out for all the hidden fees and loopholes before making your decision.

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