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Trucking Jobs

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Trucking Jobs

Jimmy Sturo
March 13, 2006

It is quite simple for qualified truckers to find a steady job, as the demand for truckers is on a rise. But according to recent research, at least 15% of drivers, even those who are experienced, are disqualified when they apply for a trucking position because they lack organization.

When applying for a trucking job, you need to know what to expect. The key here is preparation. You can start the process of applying for a job by talking to a trucking recruiter. However, one recruiter may hire merely for one company, so it is beneficial to speak with several recruiters in order to locate the position that best fits your qualifications and needs.

Be completely honest when speaking with a recruiter about a trucking job. If you need to disclose negative information, do so quickly. You will need to have some necessary documents on hand. These include a current, non-expired CDL with your home address, and your work history for the last three years, though some recruiters may ask you to provide the last five or ten years of your work history. It would be advisable to have professional references, especially in case you have been unemployed for some time. Bring along a list with the names and contact information of your former employers; proof of your work history in the form of old W2 tax forms, DOT numbers or reference letters; a copy of your driving record; and proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. You will have to fill up an I-9 form when you are hired, so be sure you have valid documentation to show your eligibility for hire.

Be prepared to take a drug-screening test, and possess documentation to prove your medical health. Lastly, you will be required to take a driving test, for which you will not get a second chance, so make sure you do well the first time.

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