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Trucking Companies

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Trucking Companies

Jimmy Sturo
March 13, 2006

There are more than twenty U.S. trucking companies providing freight services to and from any point inside the U.S. Most offer no restrictions on size, location, or destination, and welcome requests for freight quotes from existing or potential clients. Knowledgeable and helpful agents will provide you with any information you may need.

There are numerous companies providing domestic and international freight services for the commercial and residential client. You need to check the reliability and cost savings based on whether you need moving services or the more economical trucking service.

Trucking services provided by companies include business-to-business trucking solutions, business-to-residential freight delivery, residential-to-residential delivery, online rate quotes forms, export documents and documentation, and relocation and moving. The shipment can consist of a parcel, heavy-weight freight, general cargo, personal effects, furniture and commercial freight.

Some companies specialize in the transportation of full-sized containers and do so with maximum efficiency. Bridge tolls and scale-weight charges are included in the price quoted to you. Two hours free time for loading or unloading without the driver’s assistance are allowed by these companies, after which time period you will be required to pay extra charges. If you need the driver’s help in loading or unloading your shipment, you will be billed an extra charge from the packing house. In case your shipment is stopped in transit to complete loading or unloading, there is an additional charge for a stop that is not off-route. You should, therefore, call beforehand to confirm rates on multiple stop pickups or deliveries.

If you cancel pickups or deliveries by phone with fax confirmation before the driver is dispatched, you are not charged. However, if the driver is already on his way, you will be required to pay the rate quoted to you. All storage and detention charges will be billed to you.

Trucking Companies provides detailed information on Trucking, Trucking Companies, Trucking Jobs, Freight Trucking and more. Trucking Companies is affiliated with One Way Truck Rentals.

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