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Freight Trucking

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Freight Trucking

Jimmy Sturo
March 13, 2006

Freight generally means shipping of goods through a slower process of shipping than "express." So when you speak of shipping goods freight, you are talking of a transport process that will take time (at least over a day to cross the country or an ocean).

Freight is the term commonly used for the transport packages. These goods are usually transported via a ship, as well as in air cargo or over land on trucks and trailers. Several companies offer freight services for residential (such as moving furniture) and industrial use. A freight company can also forward your goods to wherever you need them. Different sizes of containers and boxes are available for freight in various specialties and sizes, such as refrigerated containers.

Many freight companies, especially online, have services available to move your belongings or goods for you. To pick the correct one, you need to search for the best rate you can get. It is simple to get rates and quotes for freight online. Numerous companies work through online forms, which require you to fill in descriptions of what you need to have shipped in order to get a quote back.

After getting an estimate and selecting a particular company, make sure you get the quote in writing. If you would ever need to file a complaint against the company, you must have a paper trail ready. You should thus ensure that you get a binding contract, with the amount quoted to you mentioned in the contract. All charges and a guarantee of how long it will take should be included.

You should ask what their on-time record is, as well as check to see if there are any outstanding complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau in your state. Additionally, check your homeowner’s policy to see what is covered during moving, for moving companies sometimes do not offer full coverage on breakage. Finally, examine everything before signing the receipt, watch the loading and unloading, and take an inventory before shipping.

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