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Retiring Vice Chairman Dominates Ford News

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Retiring Vice Chairman Dominates Ford News

Aurel Radulescu
March 10, 2006

As of late, Ford news has surrounded the company announcement made earlier this year pertaining to the retirement of longtime Ford executive, Greg Smith. After starting out as an engineer with truck operations in 1973, Smith was atop Ford news as he moved up to Vice Chairman after more than 30 years with the company. Now, after 32 years of service, Smith has announced his retirement effective March 1, 2006.

“Greg has contributed tremendously to Ford Motor Company in many areas, including leading the turnaround at Ford Motor Credit,” admits Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill Ford. “His deep knowledge of all aspects of the business has been extremely helpful as we’ve developed our plans for the future, and I’m pleased he will remain with us in a consulting role.”

Upon joining Ford in 1973 as an engineer with truck operations, a recent Ford news release explains that Greg Smith also held several engineering and product planning positions within the company. In 1985, Smith moved to the Ford Division as Truck and Powertrain Marketing Plans manager before becoming the manager of Car Marketing Plans. Finally, he accepted the position of Central Region Marketing manager. Smith later went from the Ford Division to the Lincoln Mercury Division, which is where he became the Dallas District Operations manager.

After returning from Dallas in 1990, Smith was named Director of Strategy and Advanced Planning for car product development. Just three years later, in 1993, he was promoted to executive director of Strategic Planning and External Affairs for the Ford Financial Services Group. Following that, Smith was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Ford Motor Credit before being named the Chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Credit. In 2004, he became a company Executive Vice President and President of the Americas, which is a position that he held until he was elected Vice Chariman.

“Greg’s respect for his fellow employees and his leadership behaviors are well known and highly regarded throughout the company,” said Jim Padilla, Ford Motor Company president and Chief Operating Officer. According to a recent Ford news release, Padilla added, “We appreciate his many contributions and will greatly miss his knowledge and insight.”

As Vice Chairman, Smith was responsible for a variety of company operations, including the direction of central corporate staffs. Among others, he was responsible for directing the departments of Human Resources and Labor Affairs, Corporate Strategy and Information Technology and Automotive Strategy. As Vice Chairman, Greg Smith was a regular participant in Ford news releases, as well as being in charge of guiding Ford Motor Company’s strategic development, considering and enforcing key decisions and defining it’s future financial services. From new automobiles to racing and even to retirement, Ford news is widely read by auto enthusiasts worldwide. Wherever automotive happenings occur, it is almost certain to include some type of Ford news in the mix. Read real time Ford news and Ford cars reviews including the Ford S-MAX, Ford Mondeo Edge and 2007 Ford Expedition EL from AutoNews24h.com

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