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Sports/Touring Car Racing Topics:  SkyCity Triple Crown, Shane van Gisbergen


Stone Brothers Racing
June 19, 2010

Shane van Gisbergen has scored his 6th podium for the season today (Saturday) finishing 3rd in the opening race of the Skycity Triple Crown at Hidden Valley in Darwin. In typical van Gisbergen style the #9 SP Tools Racing Falcon charged through the field taking on the big names to finish in the top three. On the other side of the garage, Wilson Security Racing’s Tim Slade had a day of personal bests taking part in his first career shootout and finishing the 42 lap race in 6th position, his best

In this morning’s qualifying it was Slade that raised eyebrows after posting the 3rd fastest time in the Top Ten Shootout. The #47 driver advanced from provisional seventh in qualifying to third, making it his best qualifying performance of his 18 month V8 career. Shane van Gisbergen also took his part in the shootout ending up 7th.

Alex Davison had another tough run in qualifying starting the race from 25th on the grid. Davison put in a fantastic drive recovering well in the IRWIN Racing Falcon finishing 15th.

Shane van Gisbergen – Driver, SP Tools Racing Car #9

“We had a great day, to have myself and Tim both qualify in the top ten was an awesome result for the team.

“In the race I got a good start and set a good pace, we hung out on the first set of tyres a bit longer than the other guys and when we pitted we came out a bit behind the leading group. I got past Courtney and managed to chase down Garth [Tander] and then Jason [Richards], unfortunately the two leading cars were just too far ahead at that stage to catch up.

“I will never get sick of coming third, a podium is an awesome achievement. I know a race win is close for us but we aren’t rushing things, we just need to qualify a bit better.

“Everyone in the SBR garage is pretty happy at the moment, Sladey put in a great effort to qualify were he did, everyone is charging on and I think if we manage two cars on the podium tomorrow it ought to keep Ross and Jimmy happy!”

Tim Slade – Driver, Wilson Security Racing Car #47

“Today has been my best day in V8 Supercars!

“It was really good starting with qualifying, obviously it was great to be inside the top ten for the shootout but the car didn’t actually feel as good as it did in yesterday’s practice sessions. I didn’t really know if it was the car or the track conditions but the car was still in the window so we just made some tiny little changes and it was a rocket for the shootout.

“It was my first shootout so I just told myself to approach it as I would any qualifying lap, just do what you normally do. It was a nice clean lap and we were ecstatic to be third at the end of it.

“In the race the car was good, but would have been better over a shorter distance. Shane [van Gisbergen] did a fantastic job, congratulations to him.

“I spent the majority of the race sandwiched in between Lowndes and Courtney, I had better outright speed than Courtney but I couldn’t really get off turn one, five and onto the straight so I sort of shot myself in the foot a bit because I couldn’t create a pass and get off the corner before that well.

“It was also a case of not wanting to mess up the position I was in, and having Lowndes behind me as well. He messes with your mind a bit because he turns in so early and looks like he is going to pass you so you just have to drive it from the front and block out the rear-view mirror.

“I can’t see any reason why we can’t repeat our performance tomorrow, crossing the line it was a great feeling for me and the team. I couldn’t be happier at the moment!”

Alex Davison – Driver, IRWIN Racing Car #4

“It was quite a fun race. It was good to be able to attack and to be fast enough to pass during the race. We passed a heap of cars. We still need to improve the way the IRWIN Falcon is handling but it was good to at least make one step forward.

“I was having a good battle at the end. I was hoping to get past Rick [Kelly] but by the time I got to him my tyres dropped off. I didn’t have the drive off the corners to get close enough to him and safely pass.

“I'm definitely a lot happier with the car now compared to what I had in qualifying. We'll keep chipping away and hope we can improve the car further for tomorrow.”

The V8 Supercars will hit the track for race 2 at 2:35pm after qualifying at 12:00pm.

Hidden Valley, Darwin Race 12 (42 laps) – RESULTS

1 5 FPR - Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon/Mark Winterbottom
2 1 TeamVodafone/Jamie Whincup
3 9 SP Tools Racing/Shane van Gisbergen
4 8 Team BOC/Jason Richards
5 18 Jim Beam Racing/James Courtney
6 47 Wilson Security Racing/Tim Slade
7 888 TeamVodafone/Craig Lowndes
8 55 The Bottle-O Racing Team/Paul Dumbrell
9 7 Jack Daniel's Racing/Todd Kelly
10 2 Toll Holden Racing Team/Garth Tander
15 4 IRWIN Racing/Alex Davison

Hidden Valley, Darwin Qualifying (after Top Ten Shootout) – RESULTS

1 5 Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon/Mark Winterbottom 1:09.6854*
2 1 TeamVodafone/Jamie Whincup 1:09.8333
3 47 Wilson Security Racing/Tim Slade 1:09.8836
4 2 Toll Holden Racing Team/Garth Tander 1:09.9374
5 7 Jack Daniel's Racing/Todd Kelly 1:10.0184
6 18 Jim Beam Racing/James Courtney 1:10.2081
7 9 SP Tools Racing/Shane Van Gisbergen 1:10.3361
8 55 The Bottle-O Racing Team/Paul Dumbrell 1:10.3565
9 888 TeamVodafone/Craig Lowndes 1:10.4351
10 8 Team BOC/Jason Richards 1:10.5488
25 4 IRWIN Racing/Alex Davison 1:10.5780 (Qualifying Lap)

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