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Sports/Touring Car Racing Topics:  David Brabham


Stone Brothers Racing
April 28, 2010

Reigning LeMans 24-hour champion David Brabham will drive for Stone Brothers Racing at the two V8 Supercar endurance events and at the Armor All Gold Coast 600. Brabham will team up with IRWIN Racing’s Alex Davison in the #4 FG Ford Falcon at the Phillip Island L&H 500, followed by the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 before taking part in the new compulsory international driver concept at the revamped Armor All Gold Coast 600.

Brabham, son of three-time Formula One world champion Jack Brabham, won the famous LeMans 24-hour race and the American LeMans series in 2009. He has a strong Bathurst pedigree having raced at Mt Panorama on multiple occasions, winning the 2-litre Bathurst event in 1997 partnered with his brother Geoff.

David Brabham on joining Stone Brothers Racing:

“I've been away from V8 racing for too long. It's fantastic to be driving at Stone Brothers Racing. I've been to Bathurst many times; I’ve won there in a two-litre and I want to win it in a V8. To be able to do this with someone like Stone Brothers is pretty cool, they set the benchmark very early on in terms of running the cars competitively. To go there and drive for those guys [SBR] is a great honour.”

David Brabham on the Gold Coast 600:

“I'm really looking forward to the Gold Coast 600. Obviously it’s going to be full on with all the internationals (drivers). Fortunately I’ll get some practice before hand at Phillip Island and Bathurst, which will make driving on the Gold Coast easier – in terms of understanding the IRWIN Ford. Australians really do know how to put on an event and when it comes to motor racing the Gold Coast event is fantastic, it really is, it really sets the benchmark for a lot of other people around the world. It’s certainly an interesting concept. I'm really looking forward to going down there.”

David Brabham on teaming with Alex Davison:

“Alex has had a lot of experience in Europe and now the V8s, he’s going to be a fantastic teammate, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to developing the relationship and driving with him.”

Alex Davison on wanting David Brabham from the outset:

“I started talking to Ross (Stone) and Dave (Stuart) about endurance drivers at the end of last year and David was my number one pick. I was really rapt when I was told that we had David for the enduros, then the changes to the Armor All Gold Coast 600 were announced and it worked in our favour. David will be well in the groove by then following his time in the IRWIN Falcon at Phillip Island and Bathurst.”

Alex Davison on driving with Brabham:

“I am particularly excited to be racing with David. He's very, very experienced, he's currently racing at a very high level in the American LeMans series and he's still extremely fast. On top of that he's got quite a lot of experience in V8 supercars and done really well in the past. He's used to doing endurance races, he does these races every week, so it won’t take him long to adapt (to a V8 Supercar). I think he will fit in really well.”

Ross Stone on signing David Brabham:

“It's great to have David (Brabham) on board with us at SBR. I have followed his career with great interest for a very long time, I used to watch him race Atlantic cars early in his career in New Zealand, and rate him very highly. David’s name had been raised for a potential Bathurst drive very early on, so we've been speaking to him for quite a while. We actually had a deal done with him for the enduros long before the Gold Coast event race changes were announced. It made a lot of sense for David to stay on and do the Armor All Gold Coast 600 with Alex, so we are all pretty happy that it worked out.”

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