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Sports/Touring Car Racing Topics:  Dunlop Townsville 400, Shane van Gisbergen


Alex Davison/Stone Brothers Racing
July 7, 2009

This morning we got to sleep in for the first time since the trip started. We got up around 8:30 and all had breakfast at the hotel. We headed to Woodman’s Mitre 10 to do an appearance and they had a great turn out and some FPV vehicles on display from the local Ford Dealer. The IRWIN car was on display once again, the SBR transporters tailgate has been working hard on the trip so far!

Once the anchor was down we ate a lunch of prawns and steak, I had a quick lesson in peeling prawns from the guy that owned the boat, who happened to have previously owned some trawlers.

Chris and Jim decided to jump in the tinnie and motor over to the nearest island for a look but ran straight over the reef and got stuck. Luckily after a while they were able to get back to us, Jim ended up with a few cuts on his foot for his efforts.

On the way back to the harbour the wind got up a bit and I started to feel a bit sea sick. I have had a cough for the last couple of weeks I have been unable to shake and the combination of both made the trip back a bit rough for me.

When we arrived back we jumped into the Winnebago and drove into town for a quick stop before driving to Ayr. Before we knew it the time was 6:30pm and we had 188kms to drive to the next stop.

We were due to pick Shane up from Proserpine after the Shakedown test in QLD Raceway but he missed his flight. He was able to get on a flight to Townsville and got a lift out to Ayr and met us at the hotel.

While I have been on the road my partner Melanie and daughter Lily have been spending time in Melbourne with family. Lily is changing more each day and Mel has been keeping me up to date with what they have been up to sending photos to my mobile.

Tomorrow is the final day of the road trip. We have a visit at Ruralquip in town before we head inland and visit Charters Towers. We will then make our way to Townsville and begin our promotional schedule for the Dunlop Townsville 400 on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to seeing the track for the first time, Shane got a quick look when he flew into Townsville last month for the day. From what I have been told the Leighton and QLD Government have done and incredible job. With over 70,000 tickets sold so far Townsville and North Queensland are in for the ride of its life!

To read Shane van Gisbergen’s daily diary visit www.autofocusstore.com.au

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