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Girl run over twice, ignore by passers by in China.

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Girl run over twice, ignore by passers by in China.

Wikinews (unpublished)
October 24, 2011

On October 13th, a two-year-old girl, Wang Yue, was run over by two separate vehicles in southern China, and over a dozen passersby ignored her and left this injured girl on street. Finally, she was saved by a rubbish collector, and taken to hospital. However, because her injury is too heavy, Wang Yue rescues the invalid death at 21st night. The incident has stirred up huge outrage and argument of the masses of the people in China.

On October 13th,an horrifying security camera footage was published on China’s hugely popular social media sites. The surveillance cameras showed a 2-year-old girl, Wang Yue, in Foshan in southern China’s Guangdong province was run over outside of a hardware market. She was hit first by a white van, which crushed her under the weight of the front wheel. Then the van driver felt crushing something, and paused for a while. But he still drove the van running over the toddler with the back wheel, and hit-and –run.

Unfortunately, the tragedy was not over. The second truck ran over Wang Yue again. During the whole incident, the security camera footage showed that one by one, no fewer than 18 passersby walked, rode motorbikes or drove past Wang Yue. But those passersby chose to ignore this injured young girl, and not to move her to the curb to avoid her to be crushed again.

The first is a young man in a white T-shirt and trainers. He walked on past the prone form of the girl without glancing and stopping to help. The second is a man riding motorbikes. He had a look at the girl. Then, he swerved to avoid her body. A women with her daughter walked past the bleeding girl, and left after glancing.

Until a rubbish collector passed, and saw the injured toddler, moved her to the curb and shouted for help. Later, the toddler’s mother arose, and took the girl to hospital. In the following days, Wang Yue remained in a critical condition. Doctors claimed that Wang Yue was in a coma and unlikely to survive the ordeal.

"She would not be able to survive any operations. She's very close to brain death," a spokesman for the hospital treating her said.

Wang Yue’s incident caught eyes from million people in China. It soon became the top story on Sina Weibo, which is a Chinese micro-blog similar to Twitter. This incident has stirred up huge outrage and argument, due to its posing questions on moral vacuum in current China. It is not the incident itself, but what makes millions of ordinary Chinese wondering what they perceive as a loss of morality in Chinese society.

Many viewers on Sina Weibo reacted with dismay, citing the incident as further evidence that China had become a “world without morals”.

“This society is seriously ill. Even cats and dogs shouldn’t be treated so heartlessly.” A Sina Weibo user said.

However, more people related the incident to an earlier incident in which a man, Peng Yu, who tried to help an elderly woman after she fell over in Nanjing was prosecuted, because his intervention broke government rules on dealing with accident victims. Due to this case, too many Chinese are afraid of helping strangers, because they don’t want to get in trouble.

Some viewers on Sina Weibo argued that the passers-by didn’t ignore the girl. They just didn’t dare help her, because Chinese law had helped create a fear of intervening.

“Even if the passers-by couldn’t rescue her, they could dial 120 and 110 and help to stop vehicles, then the little Yueyue wouldn’t have been run over by the second car,” said another comment posted on Sina Weibo.

However, many others believed the main problem happens on the girl’s parents.

“Forget about God, where the parents? I mean is it just me or it odd that this tiny child was roaming the street and the parents weren’t around to help her? You can blame all the passersby you want but the people who should have been passing by are her mothers and father!” said by Sina weibo user.

The drivers of both vehicles involved in the incident have already been arrested by the police.

Unfortunately, Wang Yue passed away at 12:32am on October 21st, due to her too heavy injury.

“The major cause of death was brain failure, which caused her major organs to shut down.” The doctor said.

After Wang Yue’s death, many residents come to the scene of the incident to present flowers to express their sorrow.

This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

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