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Life Would Be Better With Pollution-Free Automobiles

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Life Would Be Better With Pollution-Free Automobiles

F. Floyd Khumalo
October 18, 2011

If you happen to grow up in a place similar to Montana, you might not fully grasp all of the commotion about air pollution. But when you live downtown and you can practically touch the air, never mind see it, and to breathe deeply is usually a challenge, things are a little different. The majority of the world is packed with air pollution, and even areas that don't seem to have any, are getting it from the rest of the world.

Could you name all the things in the air that are damaging to people? Second-hand tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrates... and then there's particulate matter. This is a catch-all phrase for something which has numerous origins, like road dust, the generation of power, emissions from vehicles including many industrial emissions. They may well be from volcano's, mold, forest fires, pollen's, and many other sources that make the environment fairly dirty. These kinds of particles come in various sizes, composition and origin, and one of the largest components is automotive emissions. The worsening air pollution conditions happen to be as a consequence of crowded streets, especially in the biggest cities around the world.

You can't smell it, you cannot see it, but if the air is polluted you'll find it present in large quantities - carbon monoxide. It is a result of cigarette smoke, as well as the combustion reaction in all gasoline run vehicles. Because it reduces the amount of oxygen, it harms your body and can even kill it in the event that levels are high enough. Even small quantities of carbon monoxide absorbed via the body over a lengthy period of time can cause diseases of the respiratory tract. Much of the world's health problems are due to ingesting carbon monoxide. A number of studies that have been carried out into the harmful effects of pollution show how bad cars and factories are in this regard.

It really has been shown that the presence of the many pollutants can vary between cities. An eight year analysis with five thousand adults found mortality rates to be higher for those exposed to pollutants caused by traffic. People living near to a busy road have a higher chance of dying from a cardiovascular disease, just like a heart attack. The life expectancy of individuals staying in the worst-polluted cities of the US will be reduced by 2 to 3 years, directly as a result of the pollution carried in the air. The conclusion of researchers is that a cardiovascular event, resulting in death, will happen to people even if they only have short-term exposure to particle pollution at enhanced levels.

Areas with higher concentrations of particle pollution encounter greater numbers of hospital admissions due to pulmonary and cardiovascular problems. You are likely to live a few years less if perhaps you have been living in an area which has an elevated level of particle pollution. We must deduce that if matters stay unchanged, the future for American people looks bleak . There must be a better way to control the amount of pollution from vehicles, or the future will be even worse than the present.

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