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How To Shop For Tires

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How To Shop For Tires

Adriana Noton
July 10, 2011

If you find yourself needing to purchase tires, there are many different brands out there. You not only need your vehicle make and model, but need to know the circumstances of what types of elements you will be driving in. Making a proper purchase revolves around brands, quality and proper match to the vehicle.

If you live in the hot desert, you need to find tires that work best there. This is the same for those that live in snow and need to add snow chains to them. Many different factors go into purchasing tires. If you just have one tire that needs to be replaced, you want to try and stay with the same make and model so that the vehicle rides the same after replacing. By getting a wrong size, this can be dangerous and lead to an accident or even vehicle damage to the drive train.

There are also high performance tires out there. If you plan to drive fast on freeways and put a lot of mileage on your car, this is something to take into consideration. If you already have custom wheels, you might need to find tires that will fit that specific wheel. There is a speed rating in the size and is denoted by letter. Anything V rated to Z rated indicates higher possible speeds for the rating.

There are quite a few well known tire businesses out there that let you take your vehicle in and have them give you a free estimate on your tires. Many will include warranties. Some will have hazard and or disposal fees.

You can go online and get ratings on different brands and models. This can help you to make an informed decision on what you will choose. Also using a reputable business you can trust is important. They can help you find the correct replacements as well. One key aspect for a passenger car is the wear rating. Most 50,000 mile models will have a tread wear rating near 300. The higher the number the longer it will last.

If you do racing, there are special tires out there that accommodate this sport. Whether it's a weekend of autocross or full track racing, there is a tire specially made for your situation. Some are DOT legal, others are track specific. These would have a tread wear closer to 100. Specific compounds work better on different types of pavement.

If you have a truck, there are different things you need to look for in a good truck tire. You want to make sure to get a reliable tire that will be appropriate for your usage. This might require buying a more premium tire. The extra expense can be worth the smoother ride or increased traction. Tread pattern and intended use is just as important, as well is will it fit properly and allow full turning of the front wheels without hitting.

Whatever your specific needs are, there are countless manufacturers offering something unique for your needs. Shop around as it is possible to find great deals. Make sure any quote includes all costs for fitment, including any local fees as required by law.

Looking at tire services for your vehicle? We can help! Servicing all types of wheel and tires, including truck tires, car tires, and tractor tires, we provide the solutions you seek. The Tire Terminal 1750 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, ON L4W 2A3 (905) 565-8406

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