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Discovering A Cheap Car Rental

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Discovering A Cheap Car Rental

Adriana Noton
July 13, 2011

Using sound research, and a bit of shopping, you can get the most out of a car rental. If you are in a car accident and your car is in for repairs, many insurances provide a car for you to use during the time you are without a vehicle. If you are taking a trip and prefer not to put mileage on your own car, then this is a great benefit. If you have an older car and have guests coming you might rent one to have something nicer to take them out in.

When looking for a rental, it is sometimes a better idea to use well branded names. They have been in the business a long time and you can expect great service from them. Many have reward programs associated with them now.

If you are a frequent flier, you can choose to use your frequent flier points transferred to a rental. Some credit cards allow you to use your reward points on rentals. You would need to check with your credit card or flight company card to verify any programs. If you do not fly and just use a rental frequently, most companies have their own rewards program in place to give you future discounts.

Not everyone realizes there are some rules in place on this service. Some have a minimum age to be able and rent a car. There are some that require a major credit card and will not accept a debit card. For those that do accept debit cards, they might put a large charge initially that will not come off until after the return of the vehicle. This is something to be careful with so you do not get over extended.

Gas has increased in prices over the years and it is passed on to consumers. You should consider filling up the gas tank prior to returning it as sometimes it will be less costly if you do this service yourself. Check into insurance. Not all insurances will cover rental car use. If yours does not, consider adding this additional service to your rental fees.

If you need the vehicle for a long time, check for discounted weekly or monthly rates. Many offer this service. See if they offer corporate discounts if you work for a major company. If you are flying into a city, most airports have these rentals on site or close by using a shuttle to get there.

If you are going to be returning your vehicle at an odd hour, make sure they have a drop service available to you. Some people take pictures after they return the car to show the condition it was returned in if they are already closed.

Search online for car rentals and you will bring up many names. You can find cheap economy cars, hybrid Eco-friendly cars all the way to luxury vehicles. You can even setup to test a car that you might want to buy in the future. Some people will go to a luxury rental place and get a high end sports car to take a spouse or date out someplace special.

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