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All About Getting Car Insurance

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All About Getting Car Insurance

Adriana Noton
August 5, 2011

They may seem all the same to you, offering more or less the same products and services for rates that seem to be similar as well. If you make time for it however, a little research will reveal otherwise when it comes to car insurance.

There is actually a significant difference in the auto insurance quotes you will get from different firms for the same auto insurance policy. Taking the time to look at the different car insurance quotes and the terms and conditions is therefore well worth it for the savings you could make in premiums payable.

One factor that plays a role is determining premium rates for auto insurance is a drivers personal circumstances. An adult driver for example, who had held a driving license for at least five years, with no incident and accident and who has no claims made to an insurance company will get a good rate. An adult driver however who had a history of even one accident that had seen them make a claim will be charged significantly higher premiums for the same insurance policy.

A drivers status as regards their dependants will also play a part in determining the premium rates that are charged. A driver who has children who are frequently driven in the car might be quoted less compared to one who is single or has no dependents. The insurers logic is that a family car in which children are often driven around in will be more cautious on the road and therefore poses less of a risk.

The single person or one without dependants is seen as a higher risk driver who would be less cautious and perhaps take more risks on the road like over speeding. It is also assumed that a younger, single person is more likely to use the car to get to and from social places where they are likely to indulge in alcoholic drinks. They are therefore seen as posing a bigger risk when on the road.

When it comes to comparing insurance terms from different companies with the view to getting the best rates, take the advantage of the fact that rates are available online. These days, most if not all insurance firms have online presence in recognition of the fact that most people use the internet more than any other media to look for information.

All you have to do is enter the relevant personal details and you will get an instant car insurance quote from all the insurance companies in your locality. For instance you will be asked for details like the make of the car you drive, your age, gender, your history as a driver and personal history like immediate family members such as dependants.

Apart from premiums rates, look at a company's reputation when it comes to settling claims and making if they do so in a timely manner. When faced with a situation like a car accident, you do not want to keep going back and forth to your insurer for compensation. There are several companies offering car insurance but they have terms that vary significantly. Take the time to search for the best possible deal you can find for yourself.

With years of experience and a good driving record, why pay more for car insurance Alberta when you have earned the right to pay less.

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