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Audi A2: Concept Car of the Future

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Audi A2: Concept Car of the Future

Levi Quinn
October 21, 2011

With an elegant, sporty, and sophisticated look, the Audi A2 Concept says a great deal about automotive innovation even with just a single glance. It has a detailed exterior that speaks much of its functionality and high level of quality that modern car users look for in conventional cars. Even in its stationary status, one can easily tell that this is no ordinary car. Its overall look creates an impression of high- level automotive efficiency that topples down most conventional cars in every aspect of the unit.

Engine and Power

Another innovative feature is the electric-only powertrain. The development of electric mobility in the current automotive industry is seen to influence much the future of the whole car mobility technology. Electric mobility, in itself, presents its own set of advantages and disadvantages; especially when compared to conventional car engines. However, the overall performance is noiseless, smoother, and carries enough power for a satisfying drive. Moreover, this electric- only power source make the car environmental- friendly.


The power and elegance of this concept car can easily be spotted at first glance. With a high- level of elegance, this concept car manages to combine simplicity and grandeur. It has a clean appearance and a neat finish intensified by its dark glass roof. The most noticeable feature in this concept car is its matrix beam, using the next step in LED technology. This produces a high- resolution but non- glaring high beam light. The exterior lightings of the A2 concept are amazing, as it adapts to the visibility conditions of the environment. The intelligent tail light become more visible as visibility drops, while the rear fog light powered by laser diodes does not only serve as a fog light but also projects a red triangle that serves as road warning.

Aside from the superb beam lighting feature, this vehicle sports a chic appearance. It only measures 3.80 meters long, 1.69 meters wide and 1.49 meters high.


The inside of the vehice compliments its exterior nicely. It has a flat interior floorboard, and a center console connected to the driver's seat. The front part has enough space to allow sufficient mobility while inside the car with extra spaces under the cushion seats. The four seats add lightness, instead of crowding up inside the car. Even the colors and materials used in the car's interior showcase functionality and lightness, making long drives a lot more comfortable.

Overall, this Audi gives us a look into the bright future of automobiles.

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