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Less Expensive Hybrids Still May Not Be A Solution For All Drivers

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Less Expensive Hybrids Still May Not Be A Solution For All Drivers

Craig Clemmings
October 21, 2011

Before hybrid cars were released in the general automobile markets, they were studied for a long period of time. A number of branches of the United States military services, together with other companies from around the world, were analyzing hybrids. Hybrids are still a solution despite the fact that some drivers don't want to get rid of their large cars.

As a result of customer requests, larger hybrids such as the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon are now available. With the high cost of these kinds of hybrids, a lot of auto buyers are unable to purchase them. Although lots of people love the idea of owning a hybrid, the expense makes a fuel-efficient car or truck a very unlikely possible purchase. Even though the government is actually encouraging people to purchase hybrids through a series of incentives, the simple fact is that the average consumer still cannot find the necessary funds. There are actually waiting lists for several different hybrids, but a lot of this is because they are only creating a limited number. Because of more and more people desiring hybrid vehicles, the car manufacturers are contemplating increased production.

Individuals are not so encouraged that gas prices are preparing to come back down, so more of them are ready to get their hybrids. There have been some accounts that materials needed for making a quality hybrid are in short supply. In order to manufacture the electric motors that operate hybrids, dysprosium, a hard to obtain Chinese element is essential. The Chinese have exclusive access to this substance which is also used for batteries in the propulsion system and they want to keep this for their own purposes. They are keeping what they currently have for their own electronic gadgets they want to sell throughout the world. The necessity of searching for another element to work with causes scientists to spend massive amounts of time doing research. In contrast to most people's expectations, hybrid cars look fundamentally the same as their traditional fuel-based counterparts.

You can get everything you need for selecting a quality hybrid on the Internet. A brand new hybrid will run you anywhere from the mid-$20,000's to almost $70,000. Among the most popular hybrids is the Honda Civic which is extremely fuel-efficient and is an eye-catching, smaller car. With current technology, it will get close to 50 miles per gallon on the highway and about 40 in town, but this is expected to increase with newer technology. Although the substantial cost is a negative, overall it is a wise use of your money.

An individual hybrid that is a classy car, that people really like, is the Nissan Altima, which is one of the most affordable. Hybrids are much improved beyond what they used to be and will continue to improve in the future. At this point it is a case of getting the price downwards where it is more economical for the typical driver.

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