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Stone Brothers Racing
October 7, 2011

You could probably very easily overlook communication and how it could determine the success of a race team, but the ability to communicate effectively is necessary to materialise the thoughts and feelings of our drivers and the visions of our engineers, into positive changes to the car.

That’s why Members of the Stone Brothers Racing (SBR) pit crew are now using Peltor™ Lite-Com™ III to protect their hearing while they communicate with one another in an extremely noisy environment.

Motorsport makes demands on people and machine like no other. The high stress on personnel and equipment, combined with absolute zero-failure tolerance places Motorsport in a class of its own when it comes to reliability – and this is no truer than when it comes to the Team’s communications.

Think back to some of the biggest blunders you have seen in motorsport and nine times out of ten you could probably trace it back to a communication breakdown somewhere along the line. Good communication is the lifeblood of success at SBR.

“Communication is a key part of what we do at SBR and our 3M Peltor™ Lite-Com™ system makes our communications second to none,” Says Nick Stone, who looks after the Team’s communications and data requirements.

“So the crew can also keep each other in-the-loop, they wear 3M’s Peltor™ Lite-Com™ III headsets which have an in-built intercom.

“Essentially a wireless intercom system, it allows the pit crew to communicate with each other without having lift their headphones off their heads – it’s a just another system SBR is pioneering in the V8 Supercar paddock,” Stone said.

3M’s Peltor™ Lite-Com™ III is designed for people who work in groups or teams where communication is essential.

It is a high-performance hearing protector with a built-in 69 channel communication radio for “hands -free” short-range communication with other Peltor™ Lite-Com™ III headsets. It also has a built-in active-volume function that allows wearers to hear ambient sounds like conversations, instructions, machine noises and warning signals whilst protecting their hearing from harmful noise that may be present in their working environment.

In addition to the Peltor™ Lite-Com™ III communication system, 3M also provides SBR with state-of-the-art solutions for Respiratory Protection, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection and Welding Protection.

For more information about Peltor™ Lite-Com™ III, 3M’s extensive Peltor Communication range, as well as other 3M worker safety solutions, visit www.3m.com/au/ohs or call 3M on 136 136.

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