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Why Hire A Private Detective To Perform An Accident Reconstruction?

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Why Hire A Private Detective To Perform An Accident Reconstruction?

David Almeida
July 22, 2007

Do you represent a client who is fighting with an auto insurance company? Are you trying to determine exactly which driver was responsible for causing an accident? If so, it is important to do more than just listen to eyewitness reports in order to perform an accident reconstruction: it's important to hire a private detective to investigate the reports and the accident to determine what really happened.

Accident reconstruction is a process by which an accident is researched. A private investigator will review the stories from witnesses who watched the accident take place as well as those who were in one or more of the vehicles involved. In addition, the scene of the accident will be visited so that the information can be put into perspective.

During the process of researching an accident reconstruction, the private investigator and his team will also review videotaped evidence if it's available and take photos and measurements of skid marks on the pavement – both those indicating braking and sliding to the side. Once all of the information has been collected and evaluated, the reconstruction of the accident can begin if it is found to be necessary.

Accident reconstruction may not be necessary in the case of one car being rear-ended by another, but can make all the difference if the accident involves failed seatbelts or rolled vehicles. In the cases where accident reconstruction is necessary, it can be used to determine the rate of speed at which the involved cars were moving. It can also be used to consider the conditions of the road, the angle of impact and more – all of which can contribute to which driver was responsible for the accident.

Because accident reconstruction can provide visual details of the scene rather than just testimony, it can prove to be a particularly valuable resource when you are asked to prove a case for your client. However, that doesn't mean that you should conduct the accident reconstruction on your own.

A private investigator can take the information that you have about the accident, access additional information at the scene and make the time to talk with witnesses while the accident is still fresh in their minds. Private investigators who are skilled at accident reconstruction are able to do the research, manage the information and work with software and engineers to accurately recreate the accident – and what led up to it.

Whether your work involves representing someone who was in an accident or a member of their family or your work involves determining whether or not the individual has a case, accident reconstruction is a tool that you can use to prove your case.

You can be sure that the insurance companies will take advantage of accident reconstruction to determine whose responsibility the accident was; why give them an unfair advantage? Hire a private investigator so that you can be sure of what really happened – so that you too can take advantage of accident reconstruction, determine responsibility for an accident and get your clients the benefits that they deserve.

About the Author: David Almeida is a licensed private investigator with a degree in criminal justice. He is affiliated with the National Association of Investigative Specialists and the Licensed Private Detective’s Association of Massachusetts. For more information visit http://www.baystatedetective.com.

Source: www.isnare.com

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