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Dog Car Seats

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Dog Car Seats

Max Bellamy
March 1, 2006

Is your dog too short to look out the window? Chances are he’s miserable, and he wishes you would buy him a booster car seat. Now is the perfect time to grant his wish because manufacturers are fast creating new models to cater to any size dog and any owner preference. Ready to shop? Here’s what to look out for.

Before you get caught up in the hype of marketing, remember that dog car seats all boil down to three important must: it should be comfortable, safe, and easy to wash.

The comfort of a dog car seat has a lot to do with its booster and support features. Choose a seat that is adjustable so that your dog can comfortably watch out the window without having to get up at all. Like you, your dog is sensitive to touch, so buy a dog car seat made with breathable but durable materials such faux lamb’s wool with either nylon-quilt or poly-cotton exterior. Some dog car seats even feature storage trays for dog food, water, or medicine. This is great if you travel long distances with your beloved pet.

You should likewise invest in a dog car seat with seatbelt strap slots and harnesses to hold your dog in place in case of a collision. Choose a harness depending on your dog’s personality – if it likes to be able to move around a bit, then choose a harness that is not too restricting. For added fun, you can have the harnesses personalized! Some shops embroider your pet’s name on the belts for you.

Finally, choose a dog car seat that is easily washable. The seat should have easily removable covers that can be tossed into the washer and dryer or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Try to wash your dog’s car seat as often as you can to prevent dog hair and fleas from building up and ruining the fabric.

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